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    So, recently i started playing online a lot more on a Multi-Mod Tech Server and I have a question for you now:
    What is your preferred choice of furnace to automatically process dusts with?

    Now, most people would say "go Induction n00b", but the redstone signal to keep it heated is messing with the filters I use to get the output. Because of that and - maybe - some resources saved, I keep thinking "would overclocked electric furnaces not be the better choice"?

    What is your weapon of choice to tackle all the stuff that wants to be cooked up?

    That is a bug I get once in a while too. Breaking and replacing the cable seems to fix it for me, as the E-net is forced to update (correct?) and will then properly recognise that there is somewhere for that power to go to.

    That is an intresting way to introduce myself to the forum, but so be it:

    Here is what I got so far:

    This is the engine module. It is basically the same design I found on youtube, with a frame and some solars for Bluetricity generation.

    You find the video here . Three of those attached together make the whole thing move.

    I could not quite make my mind up where and how to generate EU to use all the industrial stuff with. In the end I decided to go for a water mill machine automated with the help of red power. What you see above is a concept study, but it should point out the basic Idea:

    1. Use RP Pump to draw water into a tank.

    2. Use RP Deployers to fill buckets and Tubes to direct them.

    3. Feed full buckets into water mills.

    4. (...)

    5. Profit.

    Why water you ask? Because I thought it would be cool to have a ship that can suck some kind of "Fuel" out of its Environment. Which leads me to the third module that I added so far:

    This shows a retractable nozzle to lower into water, to pump all the good stuff up. So you don't have to land if you want to generate some EU.

    To Do List:

    1. Build in the Refinery complex and mining modules.

    2. Wire it all up.

    3. Build bridge and bedroom for the pilot.

    4. Build the computer, program it and wire it.

    5. Wait for E-net to be fixed.

    6. Debug Engines. You would not believe how often I had to check every single block to see if they are attached properly or block my movement.

    7. Take off and profit.

    Oh and Alblaka: How deep into detail would your screens have to be?

    Cheers, everyone!