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    There should be a jetpack item from Modular Powersuits that is attached directly to the power armour like all the other upgrades for it are. IC2's jetpack taping is unrelated to the rest of MPS and shouldn't really be supported for its power armour. Ultimate Reloaded didn't replace the tape recipe too, so all the recipes that appear use it are a little misleading in that they can't be used as the item (and therefore feature) is disabled.

    Appreciate the response! Wish it wasn't the case, makes things a little more confusing, but as long as there are ways around it, I'm good. Glad to have a solid answer on this. ^^

    Hi everybody,

    I've recently started playing FTB Unlimited Reloaded (1.12.2) and been loving it. I've however began running into some issues and cannot seem to find any solutions on the internet, (from YouTube videos, to various forms). It appears this version of IC2 contains recipes that no longer work, I saw the reasoning as to why, but it's difficult to re-explain.

    My biggest issue currently is trying to craft the Jetpack Attachment Plate. I'm trying to create the Modular Powersuit, and to attach the jetpack to the armor, you need that attachment plate, however when searching through JEI, it does not show up, I've looked up the recipe online and attempted to craft it, but had no luck. I even tried to enable 'Cheat Mode' and give myself the item, but it does not even have the proper ID.

    I'm completely stuck. I tried searching everywhere to see if anyone has this issue, but I have not seen it anywhere on the web. Therefore I'm reaching out here, to see if anyone of you guys may be able to help and answer some of these questions and/or have a solution. Is there a way around this? Do I need to enable something? Is it just not possible?

    Appreciate all the future help. Thank you!