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    That is, exactly, a block wall with a wire in it.

    And what is this about a solid color? Before any further question/answer i suggest you take a LONG while to think it right before i start accusing you of having a severe lack of brain because sense you have made none.

    This coming from someone who can't even use proper grammar? LMAO. Try reading what I posted. If I wanted to use any block in the game as a wall with a wire in it. Now, if you're saying that by simply spraying the the dried block and it changes to the surrounding. Then perhaps I am bugged. I see what your tag says but before you start accusing people of being stupid. You might want educate yourself. I have the means to support people on this forum but I already know that will not be you. LOL


    Currently using build 1.2.3 because I have to wait for RP2 to be ported but I noticed that when you place a Luminators on the ceiling it is really dim. If placed on the floor or wall, it is nice and bright. Ideas?

    Also, the Luminator looks really cool placed on a wall. How can that be powered through a block? Lets say a stone block.


    Can you possibly create a recipe that would create any block in the game and have a hidden wire inside? You could simply place the block and desired wire in the crafting table to create.

    This would make it awesome for placing lights (Luminators) on the walls and make them functional without a huge build around. I know there are the sprayer's you can use but if I want a red block wall with wires inside, that would be awesome.

    Love the Mod, you're awesome.