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    Ask away, the support section is designed for questions

    thanks in advance =)

    I found u have a mod that makes compatible Industrialcraft energy and Buildcraft energy named: EU-MJ-Engine

    In discord today they sent me to this page:

    But im a noob in minecraft modding started learning about it like 3 dais ago and i cant find in that page where is the .jar that i need to put in the mods folder, can u help me? =)


    Im working in create a server with some friends and right now im adding mods to the server, i have tested other mods like the Forestry of the Buildcraft and no problem, i can join my own server, my friends can join and the items are ingame.

    But when i add Industrial Craft 2 to the mods folder of the server, the server dont load, it crash, now the info:

    Im using an i5-8600k 16GB RAM NVIDIA 1070Ti Running with Windows 10 Pro

    I built my server with this Forge version: forge-1.12.2-

    Im running the server with 6Gb using this bat:

    java -Xmx6G -Xms6G -jar forge1.12.2.jar

    The IC2 im using is: industrialcraft-2-2.8.129-ex112

    (This version runs okey if i play alone in single player without any server involved)

    The crash log i got from my last try is:


    While im writing it the server is running with a friend of mine testing in it other mods, and its working without problems with the 6Gb RAM, RAM taht by the way i would like to know if it is too much or not.

    Thanks in advance for your help guys =)