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    I would also like to help ... Later. From about September. Now I do not have time and adequate internet. Moreover, I have some experience creating mods and I would like to switch to newer versions of minecraft. I can also make an excellent translation in Russian and Ukrainian languages. What do you think of it?

    It isn't useless, it doesn't need extra energy and it doesn't have calcification as boilers do.

    But at its speed of work ... For example, on the server, cover the entire chunk with solar distillers and put the chunk loader. Not very effective. The plant from the steam generator of the heater, etc. takes up precious space and spends more resources. And with one distiller and distilled water with silica and biogas with fertilizer can be produced. Less on one mechanism, but on one more functional mechanism more. Remember the bottling plant and canning machine from older versions. All this mechanisms were revived in the same bundle in the new versions.

    Is an electric heater -> steam boiler (->1 or 2 steam turbines) -> condensor not fast enough? It's still electricity -> distilled water just like you asked.

    Boil regular water, either harvest energy from it or don't, up to you, condensate it back and there's your distilled water.

    If so, then the solar watermaker is useless. And with a distiller you can do not only the production of distilled water but also, for example, ethanol - highly efficient fuel (as a substitute for a fermenter). And to get as a by-product from biomass fertilizer, and from water, for example, clay or silica.

    Hello, you did not notice that the production of distilled water is too difficult and / or long? Why not add a new mechanism for electricity - the distiller? Perhaps it can also be used to make liquid fuel from biomass (perhaps more efficient than biogas). Perhaps Kraft distiller would include a solar desalination plant, a coil (possibly induction heating) and for example a circuit and a shell. Also about silver. In the fashion itself there is crushed and washed ore, as well as dust. Why not add the ore block itself?