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    I was messing around with the fluid reactor designs and I got two high HU/t and stable reactors by slightly changing the fuel rod/reflector arrangement.

    1367.8 HU/s, 3 reflectors, efficiency 19
  • I recently got an idea about extending the usage of the comparator, since the comparator has a wide range of usage. It's the ability of using the comparison mode (default mode) of a comparator to detect how full a reactor is and the subtraction mode to…
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    Replied to the thread Can not use in Fluid Reactor?.
    (Quote from Chocohead)

    Since I don't think it is necessary to create a new topic for posting my ideas about the type of reactor that Chocohead mentioned, I'll post my ideas about this reactor here.

    To my knowledge, the type of reactor that Chocohead…