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    Replied to the thread [1.12.2] Missing Textures.
    Have you tried the latest version 2.8.220-ex112? Build 170 is from a long long time ago which might contain bugs that are fixed in the latest verison.

    If the latest version still don't work for you please file a bug report on the bug tracker.
  • KrisBigK

    When IC2 fail you could always turn to vanilla for help. Villagers can harvest potatos (which have a small chance of dropping a poisonous potato) but they can't pick up poisonous potatos, making it easy to collect them in a villager-based potato farm.

  • KrisBigK

    Replied to the thread Suggestions Thread.
    Here's my pile of suggestions:


    1. Add shift-click support for more machines (e.g. compact item buffer). It is annoying to put upgrades in without the ability to shift-click. (Bug report)

    2. Add a mode on jetpack to allow jumping…
  • KrisBigK

    Replied to the thread Add firearms?.
    Mining laser, if you would consider it as a firearm, is already quite powerful. In explosive mode it can deal fatal damage and in long range mode it can hit targets ~30 blocks away. The only downsides are that it causes damage to terrain and the laser…