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    'more dots' is the 'high' side. Single dots are the 'low' sides.

    With a transformer this is easy, since there can be only one high side.

    Redstone energy to the transformers switches them from step down to step up (so they want to suck up low volts and put out high volts).

    thanks for the info, yeah, I get it mixed up, output faces you when setting down a storage unit and I got that mixed up with the transformers. Good to remember about the redstone as I was only using it on storage units to shut the output off.

    Yes I might be wrong but I think I'm right but I don't use default but it looks like your MV and LV are backwards. So unique of MFSU is power output. The Unique on Transformers is going towards the incoming high voltage. Making 5 sides be the converter energy.

    yeah, I can't keep these straight, as I seldom do this, only on initial setup and then I forget, hopefully with blowing up a couple miners, this will stick.

    Well, I had my Miner working with a MFE but not keeping up with the Miner. So I upgraded to an MFSU but now Miner doesn't receive any power. I put a MV transformer after the MFSU and then an LV transformer. I tried moving the miner closer to the LV transformer thinking something may have changed with the MFSU, but nothing. I'm pretty sure I set it up correctly and MFSU is just about full and receiving power from the batbox in front of it.

    I took the cables off in the attached picture so you can see the outlets and used the default texture pack to make sure.

    Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


    Edit: After blowing up a couple of miners, find out I had these ass backwards

    Thanks for the help!

    Can Someone Give me a hand interpreting this?
    I combed the thread thus far and came up with nothing.

    well, the thing I see is your ModLoaderMP says 1.7,3

    also, yeah, I'm running this with BTW 2.99, RP2v3b, BC 224, only thing I notice is RedPower ores need to be macerated in the regular macerator

    I'm sure someone has already done this, just axeled five Dynamos to one gear box and one WaterWheel, getting a steady two EU per Dynamo, equial 10 EU to my MFE via a BatBox, using the ultra low tin cable with the Dynamos. Plan on making another one of these setups to tie into this system for 20 EU's. Who needs a Nuke or SolarPanels with this mod? :thumbsup: