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    Actually GitHub would fix your hosting/version history stuff. AND you could make a website for all your resource packs :)

    All can agree to this statement to some aspect. You see GitHub is a very good option of hosting if you are looking for a practice website just to enhance your programming skill. However, i you are looking to host your website on the permanent bases and expecting actual users to land on that website. Then, I don't think it's the right call. GitHub is basically used to access for teams to work on the project in the same time and for the developers to access their project remotely and not for the general users.

    You can opt for aws managed service providers which is managed by Cloudways for the simplest experience of web hosting. It's basic package strats form as low as $36.51/month and includes following features:

    RAM 1.75GB

    vCPU 1

    Storage 20GB

    Bandwidth 2GB