[16x] Minimalist Technology (GT6/GT5E)

  • It's been 7 months since the last update. About time I released something.

    Minimalist Technology 0.8 (GT6) :
    - All machines released pre-scanner + electric variations of existing machines
    - Circuits
    - 80% of the components (motors, pistons...)
    - New covers
    - All available storage options
    - Transformers, battery boxes
    - Reworked gems + legendary variation
    - Reworked machine casings
    - Moar drinks (not all of them though)
    - Tweaks here and there

    I'm also considering removing IC2 textures from my pack, since I no longer use the mod, and, to be honest, I didn't really maintain them.

    Minimalist Technology current version : v0.8
    Minimalist Technology "Legacy" current version : v0.7

  • That's too bad. Been trying to find an updated texture pack for 1.10.2 and IC2e, but only thing I've found so far crashes when trying to render air-filled fluid cells.

  • Hey everyone, I ported most of the textures from minimalist techology 0.7 from GT5U to the new GTCE for Minecraft 1.12. You can get the download like here. Blocks and items are mostly there while GUIs are not ported since the whole GUI system is now modular in GTCE. If you find any issues message me over on discord (AfterWind#3704) and I'll see what I can do.

    Pyrolusite If you would be so kind to send me the templates for the GUIs so I can cobble them together for GTCE would help a ton. Thanks!

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