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    Yes, that's the point. Heat version with stirling generator suppose to have the same efficiency as direct EU method but for some reason it twice as efficient.

    1 bucket of biogas produces 16 kEU in semifluid generator, 32 kEU in liquid heat firebox connected to stirling generanor and about 48 kEU with a steam boiler setup

    1. Biogas generates twice as much heat as it should. If also generates twice as much EU if you use liquid firebox + stirling generator.

    2. Speed boost from Coffee does not stack (yes I use hot coffee with milk and sugar). No matter now many mugs of coffee I drink the speed boost is always "Speed I". It even says "Speed II" when "Speed III" as I keep drinking coffee but my FOV changes only once (yes I have my dynamic FOV enabled) and it always works as "Speed I". The haste boost and the duration is fine

    I recently got into cross-breeding and found this very fun but I can't manage to get coffee and redwheat no matter what. All the information I can find about it seems to be outdated. So what special conditions do those plants require and what is the best breeding pair to cross-breed them?

    I also read that redwheat require light level between 5 and 10. But does it need that light level to make the cross-breeding possible or it only needs it to grow?