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    I crafted a Large Electric Engine, and it will accept power from the cable but it will not connect to the BC cooling pipe. I placed it next to a gold waterproof pipe and no coolant would flow into it. Replacing the items did not change this. If there's any further information I can provide that would help, please let me know. It seems to supply powe just fine, but I can't get coolant into it. Does that need to come from the "bottom" (or back, whatever you'd call the side opposite the piston)?

    For what it's worth, I'm using a couple of small electric engines and they work just fine.

    [EDIT: It appears that it will connect to a stone waterproof pipe, but not a golden one. That's odd. It can be worked around, but it's atypical.]

    there is no difference in the code between connecting a golden and a stone waterproof pipe. If you having issues, then something has changed BC's code, or your doing it wrong.

    Incorrect load order, ensure that my mod's zip loads before BC's. The block will be corrupted now if you did it incorrectly and not load, you'll have to manually delete the block in MCedit.

    I would post on the Optifine forum post about this, but I don't know the unique thing that this addon does that causes Optifine to trip up. There's no errors outputed anywhere for me to investigate.

    Me either, you would need to find something else that caused the issue to have more data points with which to draw a conclusion. It works somewhat similar to the way a tank does, one filled with fuel and one filled with water, other parts work similar to the engines. But it would seem the point of failure is in the liquid part.

    My mod's zip must load before BC's zip, ensure that it is correctly named so that, that happens.

    It is a bug in the refinery (and the energy routing), I have reported it. Also I was in error when I said that, the refinery itself uses up to that amount of energy, the actual recipe has a different value. As such, the large electric engine has enough power to run 2.5 refineries at full speed.

    I do not know how this bug effects the actual output of if it is just visual, I have not done extensive testing on that fact.

    there is a minor bug with the large electric engines, it uses a regular machine block instead of an advanced.

    yes just change the GUI IDs.

    Then the problem is within optifine it would seem.

    As for the container, I will probably look at that in some future version, probably after the IB version gets merged just for simplicity's sake.

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    not sure why it is loading things in that order but it should be easy to fix, just copyer the ic2/api folder from the ic2 jar file in my mod with the same path. Or you could try renaming the ic2 jar by adding an A in front of it. Either should fix it.

    (can't really write the ModLoader.txt here cuz of the character limit and please ignore any RegisterGUI errors)

    I'm not sure which one causing it, it's obviously some other mod conflicting with this, and you have quite a few there. Maybe one of the inventory mods since you said it happened after you looked at your inventory? The only think I can tell you is to start a new world with just this IC2 and BC and start adding the other mods one by one until you find out which one is causing it.

    Looks like something else is screwing with the rendering. It's going to be one of your other mods, I don't know which one since you neglected to post a modloader.txt, like everyone else.

    So let me get this straight. Breaking from tradition, this addon has to load BEFORE IC and BC to work?

    EDIT: Tried again, but with no renaming at all so it's at the top of my list in my mods folder, and it works! But NEI isn't seeing it, but I'm assuming that's because this addon doesn't use ID's for the engines. Thanks for your help silentdeth.

    Its a bit complicated. Modloader will not overwrite files. However modloaderMP will. But in modloader you can tell it which mods to load before yours, you cannot in modloaerMP. Since this contains edited BC files, for it to work in single player/client it must load the zip first, then load BC's zip, since it has already loaded my zip first the files from it are already there and don't get loaded from BC. Then it runs all the actual class files, running IC2's and BC's before mine.

    For SMP it is different since it uses ModloaderMP, the zip must be loaded last so it can overwrite the files it needs to. And since it runs the class files in the same order it loads the zips it also get run last too.