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    yeah,there is quite a bit of stuff that doesn't have any uses yet,but keep in mind it's a prerelease atm.

    btw,here's a link to some tutorial vids eloraam featured on her twitter:

    Not even sure what the filler and builder does but it does not sound like it be my thing anyways. The only features that RP is missing for me is a crafting table type thing so I can auto craft and pipe things. Little more automation abilities with RP2 and I will be in heaven.

    yeah, eloraam did a much better job with tubes IMO.

    btw,auto-crafter is coming in tier 2 :)

    Miner7747: Something breaks in OpenAL during the initialization. Try disabling the sounds in the IC2 config.
    Snipey: You don't have MC Forge 1.1.1

    my config is blank,i think that minecraft shut down before the contents were created. can someone post the conents of the IC2 config please?

    pt 2:

    the error report mentioned in cmd says this:

    pt 1:


    i've installed the fix,but it's still crashing.

    here is what cmd gave me.

    is it possibly because of XP?

    i've been playing IC for a long time,
    and i've never had any problems with installation.

    from a fresh 1.8 jar,i installed modloader,modloadermp,player's modloadermp fix,minecraft forge,and then IC2 1.15.
    when i start the game, i'll get to the mojang logo and then minecraft will shut down,no blackscreen,nothing.

    here is the modloader.txt:

    Oct 3, 2011 12:31:11 PM ModLoader init
    FINE: ModLoader Beta 1.8.1 Initializing...
    Oct 3, 2011 12:31:12 PM ModLoader readFromClassPath
    FINER: Adding mods from C:\Documents and Settings\liam\Application Data\.minecraft\bin\minecraft.jar
    Oct 3, 2011 12:31:12 PM ModLoader readFromClassPath
    FINER: Zip found.

    if anyone can help me with this,please do.

    So 1.15 is out! :). Can't wait to get home and check it out!

    Post your findings here, in terms of what you've noticed that might not be included in the changelog. (Can't wait for the new bounding boxes myself)

    i'm not sure if you realized this,but the fact that machines can now be powered indirectly means that you can power them with redpower wires!

    remember that this isn't the first time the ygscast have showcased illegal modpacks.

    the yogbox was originally from the SA forums and did not have permission from the mod authors to use it.
    when the yogscast showcased it the mod authors gave permission beacause of the spam to get their mods in the yogbox.
    the yogscast also showcased the "now thats what i call minecraft" modpack which was cancelled due to a number of illegal mod redistributions.
    the yogscast have done this before,and they know what the're doing now.
    this isn't a mistake,they just dont care about the mod community.

    well,we should brace for the worst,since they will be showcasing industrialcraft2 next.
    I'm definitely in favour of making the download only here and only registered people should be
    allowed to see it,also maybe a temporary lockdown of all registration or requiry to apply to be registered.