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    In that case he would deserve raGan's "Golden Derp". 8o

    i originally made an user with another email, then i forgot the login to here and my email password
    so i created a new one with 5 instead of s
    one of my computers apparently remembers the user and i didn't notice until now

    since we have both nuclear power and nukes isn't it sorta a must to have emergency lighting to have along the floor in case catastrophe strikes or the power just goes out?
    just small red lamps that you can place on either side of the path that lights a bit up when it receives power

    by Crude i mean that I see it more as a base element

    if more complex objects are to be made it seems to be rather larger in size, in comparison to electricity
    i know that the fundamental ideas of both are the same
    additionally i consider redstone to be much more static in the outcome, i know that in theory you could make an fully funktional "micro" processor, and it would be awesome, but something like that would hardly be small