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    Getting an error installing onto server with all the latest updated mods. I'm gonna keep poking at it, see if I can sort myself out, but I'd love hint :D

    Does your mod do anything that messes with the lappack? Since updating a couple things last night, the lappack no longer provides armor. Yours was the only one tied directly to IC2 (also updated RP2, Forestry, and EE2). I've tried crafting new, uncharged, and fully charged. Preparing to do a clean client install (giant PITA since I'm the tech guy supplying the client for six users on my private server) but it'd be great if I could track down the origin of this bug.

    I can understand and agree with your visibility concern, especially if you have PvP concerns, though I question why anyone would use anything that needs sky visibility in such a situation.

    As far as unrealistic, I don't see that as a balance concern. Jet packs and handheld battery-backpack-operated diamond-tip drills that dig for miles and armor that generates a personal invincibility field are unrealistic. Spending more time and resources to make a more efficient (in terms of electricity generated per square inch) solar panel is an actual thing that really happens.

    Solar with Compact Solars are still the worst power solution, in terms of eu/t generated for resources spent. What Compact Solars does is lower the intellectual barrier for entry. You don't need to be good with numbers to build an HV Solar Array, and you don't need to follow a detailed wind or water farm tutorial / schematic. Anyone can build one. It's the brute-force option.

    Thanks for your insight. The footprint issue is an entirely valid balance concern. It's just not one that effects my small friends-only server, which is what I was concerned about :thumbup:

    Compact Solars: Simply OP

    Could someone elaborate on this point for this newbie? Compact Solars does not seem to have any flavor of OP involved, as it requires extra resources to get the same amount of EU in less space. I suppose there's a debate to be had whether the transformers are more or less valuable than the tin cabling they replace. Tin cabling for 512 original solar panels takes a stack of tin, one HV Solar Array producing the same EU as 512 original panels costs those 512 original panels plus 269 copper, 154 rubber, a diamond, 10 redstone, and 73 refined iron.

    I am very interested in the comparison between the two because I am running a private server for me and my pals, and balance is a concern of mine.