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    Sorry Laamapalmu for posting ideas in your topic, but I think its better to keep everything In one place.
    And you can't just keep complaining without actually giving something back, right?

    So here is my idea to upgrade what we already have. I remember someone posting a similar GUI some time ago.

    Explanations of what we see:

    Nuclear reactors would become a multiblock structure. There would be only one shape of
    reactor but there would be many variations of structure blocks.

    Reactor structure:

    “Reactor Hull” block is standard radiation blocking element, made of copper or lead. It doesn't provide any special functions.

    “Out Ring” blocks. Those provide “Out Slots” and come in 3 variations:
    “Standard”, cheapest with no effects.
    “Upgraded”, increases efficiency of cooling modules.
    “Advanced”, greater increase of efficiency for cooling modules and reduces module failure chance.

    “Mid Ring” blocks. Those provide “Mid Slots” and come in 3 variations:
    “Standard”, cheapest with no effects.
    “Cooling”, increases efficiency of cooling modules.
    “Neutron”, provides reaction point for fuel cells like neutron reflection modules does.

    “In Ring” blocks. This one provides “In Slots” and come in 3 variations:
    “Standard”, cheapest with no effects.
    “Neutron”, provides reaction point for fuel cells.
    “Advanced Neutron”, provides 2 reaction points for fuel cells and reduces module failure chance.

    Any ring has to be built with one type of block for reactor to work.


    “Out Slots”. Those can only be filled with cooling modules.

    “Mid Slots”. Those can be filled with both cooling modules and fuel cells.

    “In Slots”. Those can only be filled with fuel cells.


    Now to make things more fun. I propose to change heat generated by cells from constant to fluctuation. So a single cell would produce not a constant 10 heat/tick but a random number from 5 to 15. So 50% - 150% /tick. Overall the heat generation would be the same, but this gives a chance for spontaneous heat surges to appear. But it’s just a proposition.

    Another fun aspect. Now heat is boring. It does not take any role in normal reactor cycles. You either have a cold reactor or near explosion one with no benefits, only dangers. So I propose to make heat useful. Normal reactor runs at 100% capacity. Let’s increase that by heating it up, for a cost of course.

    First of all. You can turn off reactor and remove modules and cells only when reactor is cold. You can’t just take items out from it when whole world is burning around you, right? :)

    Activation of cells and cooling items is performed by right clicking on them in GUI.

    When reactor heats up its fuel efficiency also rises. But a chance of module failure appears. But, what happens when module fails? For cooling item like vent it means, it just stops working. A vent failure means that your already hot reactor is getting hotter with every tick. Failure for fuel cells means that you cannot turn it off. So now you have a double problem. Your vent does not cool reactor down and your stuck cell just keeps heating it up. You still have a final solution. An “Emergency cooling cells”. They take a cooling slot but does not take part in normal reactor cycle and are one time use only. This cell will take a lot off heat out of reactor but will disappear when used. And since they take a cooling slot, they can also fail/get stuck and be unusable.

    If you let too many modules to fail function, you are doomed with a sure meltdown.

    So, you can run this reactor cold at 100% capacity and have it pretty much safe, so you can leave it alone till cycle ends. Or you can heat it up getting more power/steam but also risk module failures, so you have to keep an eye on it.

    Sorry, I still think that water should be used only to generate steam when steam reactors are turned on.

    If anyone thinks that this idea is worth actual debate, you can ask moderator to move it in to its own topic.

    Not exactly. They are more complicated than they might look at first glance. Also buggy when it comes to loading/unloading chunks (ye even if its in 1 chunk).

    Could you please clarify what is more complicated? And chunk problem is coding issue, not actual reactor design, right?
    I'm all for good changes and upgrades. But please, do not revert to "Dropmoreicewinbuttondesign".

    Please bear in mind that there are actual water-based cooling systems in use... Although the coolant is used to heat the water for steam, and it's role in cooling the reactor is a simple convenience. I think it's called a double-loop system or something like that...

    Does not matter. We already had OPcheatwatercooled reactors. In real life getting water to cool reactor is a real concern, in minecraft all you need are 2 blocks of water to make an ocean. You make 2 water block pool. Place down water generator. Pipe it to the chamber and you are done. All cooling problems just disappeared. We could get rid of heat mechanics all together. It wouldn't make a difference.

    Although I'm looking forward to making current reactors more fun and challenging, let's not downgrade to water cooling again. Water should be there, but only to be turned in to steam.

    There's something wrong in the eu requirement for methane.. you need 128000 to make 5 methane cells, 93000 to make 4 hydrogen cells, and 1000 to make one carbon cell..

    So each methane cell is worth (45000*5 - 128000-93000-1000)/5 = 600 eu.. OMG..

    EDIT: I know that 128000 is from approximate of 25000 * 5, but then..

    Seems pretty pointless. But you can always centrifuge rubber wood for methane and get 155000 EU with no effort.

    I'd like to point something out. There are 33 centrifuge recipes giving methane cells. Every recipes takes 25000 EU to create 1 methane cell. There are 2 exceptions from that. Both giving 4 methane cells by centrifuging rubber wood at a cost of 25000 EU. So basically, every 16 rubber wood pieces give us 155000 EU. That is a lot. And taking in to consideration how easy it is to acquire rubber wood, especially with forestry. In comparison to other methane giving recipes, this becomes a very overpowered way to get power.

    Seriously, where do all those people come from!?! I've counted ~20 ID-Conflict-Error-Reports alone this week, and all are changeable via Config.

    To fix that Problem go into the BC-Config and switch those ID's to other unused values lower than 4096. You can find the used ones via NEI.

    Is it possible for so many people to be incapable of such a simple task, or are they simply to lazy to edit a simple document?

    Nuclear reactors are indeed steam boilers. After all, reactors only heat up water to create steam. Which later powers the turbine. Well, a lot of people wanted more realistic reactors. So, here you go.