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    Ok, so, can we hope to have a bugfix ?
    I still want to make a 'good guide to industrial craft', but can't do it because of unstable energy network.
    i can se 1.97, but ... it's a bad way =)
    And my subscribers force me to feed them with videos.

    Info from wiki is not usefull when you start to adding overclockers, do you really want moar uu ? =)
    So, here is two variants:
    1. bc3 gates, and logistic pipes - emit redstone signal when scrap supplier fails.
    2. redpower - you have chest, where you put all scrap, you retrieve full stacks of scraps from this chest with a filter, then you try to put it into a massfab, then, you put all the rest of this scrap in this chest. also you have an item detector on tube after massfab, it emits signal every time, stack of scrap passed here, and reactivates state cell, which, after a not gate, allows massfab to work some small piece of time. If here is no scrap after massfab - state cell shuted down, and not gate emits signal to stop massfab, and when scrap apears again, it allow massfab to work again.

    Boring, but let's face the facts:

    2012-05-13 16:29:18 [INFO] <vanyserezhkin> spawnx, did i tell you never touch my levers?[0m
    2012-05-13 16:29:26 [INFO] <SpwnX> i didnt touch them[0m
    2012-05-13 16:29:31 [INFO] <vanyserezhkin> lie[0m
    2012-05-13 16:29:32 [INFO] <SpwnX> this time wasnt me[0m


    Ok, now we know that we can not trust spwnx, because he is a public liar.

    We have precedent on this server person was banned after playing with pumps at lavatank, near the sign 'DO NOT TOUCH THIS LEVER'. That accident causes losing of two hours of lavatank operator's work.
    i decided to not perform any action, because it is just hour of automatic treefarm work. But i remembered, that spwnx is a liar.

    After a while i got this:

    2012-05-23 19:34:06 [INFO] SpwnX [/] logged in with entity id 303187 at ([world] 444.0805016072709, 34.0, 732.1197790867056)
    2012-05-23 19:35:10 [INFO] SpwnX [/] logged in with entity id 306633 at ([world] 436.95250933942674, 46.0, 725.1972398450371)

    Spawning inside worldguard protected area and messing with some machines and chests.

    And .. with help of lucky coincedence i found him at this moment.

    But, he has a really good friend aotd, who quickly realizes situation and tryed to save him.

    2012-05-23 19:34:42 [INFO] <aotd> vany[0m
    2012-05-23 19:34:48 [INFO] <aotd> came here pleas[0m

    We know that spwnx start to violate the server rules and we even can not even trust him if he will say 'I will no longer'.
    Person is dangerous for other people, so i banned him.
    But here is aotd. Not a bad guy, but, i belive that spwnx have influence on him and will try to take revenge through his account.
    Aotd was banned too. It is necessary sacrifice, bad, but need for normal living at server.

    I think no one have any questions about this accident.

    We allways wellcome good natured, creative people, who come to play with complicated machines, and not for swearing and improve their self-esteem at the expense of other.