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    So here is a guy saying he is the boss at everything except for computer craft and RP2 computers. He has achieved "end game". I then tell him Technic/Tekkit is actually stolen. He says "no they have the mod author's permission". I then ask him why forestry was removed. He replies "because no one liked it, and it is a terrible mod". Then he goes intoa full out argument trying to get me to understand the Equivalent Exchange is not overpowered (all he does to achieve "end game" is use EE, no point in awesome RP2 sorting systems and giant IC2 power networks when you can transmute everything directly!).

    On the plus side it made me realize why I don't like EE so much: It simplifies things. A server makes ingots worth half as much EMC as the ores to prevent infinitely profitable loops. As soon as you get the stone thingy you don't need Macerators, or EU to power them. You just use the stone/table to turn all your ores directly into ingots. If you have EE it isn't fun anymore, instead of building cool things you can just use EE to get everything. Direwolf20 for example realizes this at least, and seems to avoid just using EE for everything.

    Also on a side note I started playing with a friend. Using a ton of industrial mods, really fun. We just started are first quarry (but he just left for a trip, trying to avoid the temptation to boot up the world and do everything without him).

    41,000 users registered on the technic forums, not to mention terrabytes of downloading going on daily from new people trying out the pack, and you only found one idiot so far?
    I had a banner day yesterday kicking around a dozen or so no effort posting idiots plus one little worm who was trying to scam someone out of a legit minecraft account.

    This is all I will say on the forestry issue.
    Forestry was a fiasco and stems from sir sengir's complete lack of communication despite kakermix's many attempts. He never asked for it to be removed, he just inserted malicious code into his mod. The best anyone can guess is he apparently thought he was sneaky enough that it would be seen as the technic team's fault for destroying people's worlds, driving people away from the pack.
    It's a great mod, but I for one do not trust it one bit anymore and if it weren't for buildcraft being open source I wouldn't trust it anywhere near me computer either.

    Had something long winded here, but it really just opened my posts up to more conclusion jumping.

    Let me say this gregorius, your judgements are not made within a vacuum. Everything you do is influenced by the groups you belong to.
    The first group you belong to is your family, and if in a vacuum you would turn out exactly like them. But then you join other groups, other kids on the playground, your school class, and as your avenues of exploration open up you join more and more groups, including internet forums. Each one has a hand in what your personality is.
    Doesn't stop at any magic age either. I'm told kakermix is twice my age yet you can still see his personality change in subtle ways the longer he interacts with the technic community.

    Yes, that's a lot shorter than what I had. I'm a teacher, long winded is what I do...

    And thanks for not assuming the worst over my flax crop gregorius.

    First, Fenix doesnt get away with anything a normal user wouldn't. If he screws up, we stab him in the back... Repeatedly... With a chainsaw... Also, list any other Modpacks that have SMP and include IC2. Also, since Tekkit DOES NOT have permission from all of its Mods, it shouldn't be allowed for that reason either.

    First, bullshit. Take a good long look at how the IC2 community reacts to new people and tell me there isn't favoritism and gool ol'boy syndrom. Welcome to basic group psychology, newcommers are judged way more harshly than regulars for the same actions. It's the reality of any group.
    And "backstab with a chainsaw" seems to be as effective as a pillow fight. Pseudo-violence using scary imagery to provide a token show of displeasure that doesn't actually elicit any behavioral changes. Like the opposite of the MC forums "+1 diamond to you!" thing.

    Second, a couple months ago someone came on the technic forums to say they've found a modpack that claims to be "tekkit but with full permission and no launcher so you can use your pirated accounts!" If you want evidence, go look that up yourself. I'm not going to expose the IC2 forums to a possible DMCA takedown threat by passing along information on how to circumvent minecraft's copyright protections (which is why the post was removed on the technic forums).

    Third. No. Not getting into an argument over this.
    I frankly don't care anymore what you personally think of technic. I came to these forums to post my addon mod, since then I've been attacked with some of the worst conclusion jumping I've seen since highschool. You personally have argued multiple times against point I never made, making me wonder if you even read what I write or if you're just skimming and letting your pre-judged views of all things technic fill in the blanks.

    Woo, only took me 3 weeks to get this out...
    Gotta work on that.

    Sorry it took so long to fix your name in it I Don't Now, definitely not going to happen again.

    Appleblomb: I don't think I want to try adding another state to the fuel can, I'm still figuring some things out. And I wish the API included canning recipes, I kinda wanted to use the soybeans + bucket to can soymilk instead of the crafting recipe.
    Coding wise I think the last thing I need to deal with is GUIs and inventories, once I get those figured out then the last couple of blocks should be easy.
    If you need any help getting started, I can point you towards the resources that helped me the most. Plus I'm definitely open to any ideas.

    I wasn't saying you said anything bad about the IC2 mods, I was just saying that AssHoles are a good thing for the forum community. Anyway, we know you like Technic, but what is the point of allowing it here? It has it's own forum.

    No, mods who enforce the rules are good for a community. People who are self titled "Assholes" and play it up as the defining aspect of their personality are bad for a community.
    It's a persona, just like any other, used to gain attention and try to get away with things a normal user would be punished for.

    And please, if you're going to argue against me then atleast read what I have previously posted.
    I am not against IC2 enacting a rule that modpack servers are to be advertised on their respective forums. I do however take offense to "Modpack servers are just fine EXCEPT Tekkit servers!"
    It's petty and very hurtful, especially since Alblaka is well respected over on the technic forums.

    Probated is just the general term for In Trouble.
    Kellered, Hellen Keller, refers to the blind and deaf lady who learned to read despite her handicaps. It's applied when someone doesn't read and follow the rules, and is meant to be a role model for them. "If someone who is deaf and blind can learn to communicate like a civilized person, you can too."

    Banning is applied relatively often, but not without two factor warning or malicious intent on the part of the poster.
    People don't get banned for disagreeing with the mods, but for stuff like demanding technic rewrite itself so they can use their hacked/pirate clients, temper tantrums over server/forum bannings or policies, spamming, ect...
    Most bans are due to a user joining, posting "it no wrk, U fix!", then lobbing insults and threats at other forum users for not bowing to their every whim.

    Since the move to xenforo forum software the mods do seem to have softened up a bit. I assume the software backend has a mod comment system so they can keep track of a user's actions instead of having to wonder if this is the 1st or 5th time the user has referred to someone else as a "gayqueer".

    You are assuming that i am registered to them??? You know that you can go there without an account, or?

    So I am to assume you have done more than a casual glance over the forums and have based your opinion off sufficient research?
    I am sorry for assuming you have actual experience with the technic forums. Usually your level of contempt is reserved for the people who pop on, throw up a post into the first section they click on, demand help for some issue that has been covered 50 times before, got kellered for it, and believes that's unfair because mommy and daddy always said they were special and were entitled to the world.

    Yeah, if the moderators have a "Follow the rules" policy on Technic, why is it bad for the community of IC2 to have that same policy? Is it because... well, I can't think of a logical reason why it's a bad thing...

    When did I say anything about IC2 mods?
    GregoriusT called technic forum mods douches for their policy of punishing people who don't follow the rules. I find that to be quite hypocritical, especially in a thread about a proposed IC2 forum rule that will likely lead to people getting punished for not following it.

    We need those stuttering "Assholes" (people, who are smashing some things down for a GOOD/LOGICAL reason), to keep this Forum clean from people, who cant even read the Rules.

    At least we have no "Douchebags" (people, who are smashing anything down for NO reason), like the Technicforummoderators, in our Forum.

    Technic mods have a zero tolerance policy for people not reading and following the rules. How exactly is that being a douchebag?
    To put it into perspective, imagine around 50-100 newbies a day coming on here all making new posts demanding their 100% original idea of lightning rods be added, and "my install don't work, make work! I did it all right, you must have program bad!"
    I really wish that quote was an exaggeration...

    May I ask what your username on the technic forums is? I'm interesting in seeing what your firsthand experience with the forums over there has been.

    Im about to test that out Neo, if it works you jus earned a digi-dap. Thanks a lot to all the people that answered

    Edit: I tried it Neo and unfortunately it didn't fill anything...looks like I'll jus have to go without the automatic part of gettin filled cells

    Ok, that explains something then. The pump apparently works by taking the first available empty cell or bucket and performs the right click action on the block below it. But cells don't fill from BC tanks.

    It does work for buckets. You could stick the pump next to a chest which is next to an autocrafting table, and craft buckets + empty cells into full cells.

    Oh, well that's not too bad.

    Thank you for confirming that me writing my own code to invoke a cropcard I wrote based on the right-click of an arbitrary, user-choosen item, is "not too bad"...
    Yes, thanks, it's always so nice to get such a well informed assessment of the situation, completely totally 100% not a knee jerk reaction. One unclouded by preconcieved opinions of my ethics and abilities.

    I changed my vote to No mods at all. I do agree with GregoriusT that mod packs would be better serviced by the relevant modpack forums, as long as people are properly informed of this policy and provided with the necessary information.
    Singling out tekkit for this is both rude and counterproductive.

    Technicpack is the only TechModPack i know (i used it before they got their stupid Launcher), is there another famous TechModPack?

    The are quite a few mod packs out there that include IC2, including one that advertises itself as tekkit without the launcher. IC2 is a popular mod for a very good reason

    Infact a sticky directing modpack users to their respective forums would be a great bit of advertising for the other modpacks.

    Werent you the Guy, who just wanted to use Flaxseeds of RP for an IC²-Crop? If so, then it wouldnt be codestealing, because you would've just used an ItemID of another Mod for it and not actually decompiled Code. :)

    Yup. And that's exactly what I did, setup a config variable so if the user is smart enough they can set it to the RP2 flax seed ID and it'll just work. If not, then the crop can still be obtained through crossbreeding.
    I did notice a moderator altered one of my posts in a rather blatant accusation of me stealing code. I really don't appreciate that, especially when they do it sneakily.


    what was your addon again?

    Got a new release ready with SMP support, a tool to obtain seedbags without destroying the crop, and a couple new crops. Just waiting for funnyman3595's permission to use his soybean sprites (he asked me to wait a couple days, so I'm waiting for the final ok).

    Yes, it has its own Forum, so why should they Post it here, huh? Tekkit is, even if it has no permissions, a SMP-Modpack with its own Forum, so should we get all the Attention of these tekkitusing people, by letting Tekkit-Servers List also here? Hell No! Tekkit is their Stuff, even if it contains also our Stuff, with or without permission, so they should get the Serverposts of their Modpack in their Forum. If these Tekkitusers want to get Tekkitservers, then they should get them ON ONE CENTRAL PLACE!, instead of looking for them in the IC²-Forums, THATS BETTER FOR EVERYONE!


    you didn't vote "No, other modpacks shouldn't be too."

    I have nothing against IC2 enforcing a limit on server postings based on modpack as long as it's applied fairly across all similar situations.
    As of yet there is not a single vote for "No, other modpacks shouldn't be too.", that tells me the voters have no problems letting any other modpack servers getting advertised, they just don't want tekkit advertised. And that screams of prejudice.

    Please don't try to start a permission flamewar.

    And "it has it's own forum." That's a bit unfair as I know you didn't vote "No, other modpacks shouldn't be too."

    I'm just looking for fair treatment of the modpack I use, so as not to continue breeding the venomous hatred I've already experienced here.

    Oh, I'm a heavy user of the technicpack forums. One of the first 50 signups actually.
    Many of the servers are run quite well.

    If you insist on blocking out a portion of the IC2 userbase just because they use tekkit, please atleast sticky a post stating "Modpack servers can be found through these links." and link to the various modpack server forums.
    Or do you just have a problem with tekkit specifically?

    Just wanted to put this up.
    I came to these forums merely to publish my addon mod, for which I was attacked by multiple people with accusations of me being a code thief (such a lovely welcome). If I were forced to meet an arbitrary posting limit before I could make my own thread to publish my work, I wouldn't have bothered.

    I may be a fringe case here, but I'm here to comply with Alblaka's wishes concerning derivative work publishing.