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    This time I changed torchweed(made the top more torch-like) and flax(it's recolored wheat now) and I fixed the applebush(the reflection was on the worng side on two apples) and the red mushroom(a point was transparent instead of light gray).
    By the way, my name is I don't now, not I Don't Know. But thanks for mentioning me as the discoverer of the applebush!

    Ah crap, sorry. I'll fix that for the next release.
    Again, thank you so much for this. I really should not be allowed near an image editing program.

    Why not just reading the Redpowerconfig yourself? I mean you just have to look for "" inside her config.

    Definitely a good idea. I'll try that with the next release.
    All the low hanging fruit is done so next version will be the pruning shears and the PWM. Hopefully I have more time soon, but today family was in town so I only had a little bit to work on this.

    Ok, first of all: If Eloraam states she doesn't want an addon using her mod, you are not allowed to publish it in either MCF or on this website. Of course, if you simply use Reflection or other means without adressing her code directly, it's fine.

    Second, I've gotten Eloraams permission for the Silver thing. As well, the Silver in IC has no real purpouse whatsoever and merely was a test for the Forge OreDic.

    I don't even have RP2 decompiled. I literally cannot use a single byte of her code because I don't know it. I can't even reference whatever items.<itemname> convention she used because again, I don't know it.
    My brilliant idea on how to do it? Default a config entry called RP2flaxseeds to 0, add a comment for the user to fix it to whatever the redpower config files says, and if() the baseseed call.
    There really was no cause for anyone to go all Dudly Dooright "Hold villainous monster! That code belongs to the fair Eloraam and you may not steal it!" No one would have dreamed up a scenario where I was planning on hijacking RP2 code for a cropcard if I hadn't mentioned technic.

    I really can't figure out myself what code would even be stolen. I would assume RP2 Flax is just a copy of the wheat block with some extra checks to spawn a linked block above it when fully grown. That's not exactly hard to do and yet completely unrelated to your crop system.

    quantumleaf: It is more crops than anything else, but it does contain items already and I'm working on the pruning shears tool right now.

    Ok, can I kill this RP2 crossover crap now?
    It will not use a single character of RP2 code.

    It's a flax crop for cryin out loud. Eloraam doesn't own copyright on flax, and as I'm making a new sprite for it then the image copyright is not hers either.
    The whole crossover bit is "Discovered by: Eloraam" and if the flax seed item is present, register it as the baseseed for the crop.

    Yes, you hate technic, good for you. Stop trying to disguise it as knight-in-shining-armor defense against my dastardly evil plot to steal poor Eloraam's hard work and claim it all as my own.
    Why don't you go rage at Alblaka for daring to steal poor Eloraam's silver ore and ingots for a macerator recipe and alternate glass cable recipe. Literally the exact same thing I'm doing with flax, so apparently he is just as guilty of wanton code theft and disregard of copyright laws.

    Anatomica: I made the mod because of technic, not solely for. I dare say these crops would be interesting to any IC2 player looking for some treefarm help.

    Jakj: Thanks.

    You will get many Problems with Coding, did you even try to decompile IC²? Because most of your Features are requiring more than only the IC²-API. I needed to hack most of the IC²-Classes only to get it compiling (Also the E-net does not like to be decompiled and just vanishes). And if you are new to Java, then the dense IC²-Code is nothing for you (I have still not found the Code, which enables 16 Blocks on one single BlockID).

    This is also the Addon-section and not the "I will make it in future"-Section.

    I know C++ (learned it about 14 years ago) and have worked with more complex source than IC2 (namely the Torque game engine). Java is new to me and minecraft code in general is a bit round-about.
    My biggest problem so far is when parsing the crop crossing functions it was hard keeping track of var1 - var5 not only because of MCP's decompile naming conventions, but Alblaka repurposed some of them halfway through the function for some extra confusion.

    A lot of what I'm looking to add just requires access to the public members of cropblock and cropcard, everything else (like creating a seedbag without removing the crop) is just implementing similar code with a slightly different outcome. I don't see anything I'll have to overwrite.
    Anything I need access to I can just write a quick-n-dirty api for. Abstract the class and any members I use and make sure it stays in the same package.

    And yes, this IS the addon section. That's why I uploaded my addon mod here.
    I have things to add, but for now this mod is in a perfectly usable state.

    Background: This mod was born out of a desire to replicate farming features lost when Forestry was removed from the Technic pack. It seeks to extend the IC2 crop and energy systems for easier use and a bit of crossover with buildcraft.

    This is my first excursion into minecraft modding (and java programming), so don't expect too much.

    New crops:
    Barrel Cactus- Tier 3, can be planted with a cactus block, drops cactus blocks.
    Mushrooms- Tier 2, red and brown varieties, planted with appropriate mushrooms.
    Bamboo- Tier 2, planted with a sapling, drops sticks. First enrty of tree line.
    Plankton- Tier 3, planted with planks, drops planks. Second step of tree line.
    Bushwood- Tier 4, planted with logs, drops logs. Third step of tree line.
    Applebush- Tier 5, planted with an apple, drops apples. Final step of tree line.
    Torchweed- Tier 4, planted with a torch, drops torches and gives off light like a torch when fully grown.
    Flax- Tier 2, planted with RP2 flax seeds if defined in the config, drops string.
    Corpseweed- Tier 5, planted with a bone, drops bonemeal when nearly full grown and bones when fully grown. Harvesting causes a huge nutrient drop, so it draws nutrients from adjacent crops.
    Soybean- Tier 3, planted with a soybean, drops soybeans when harvested. Increases nutrient values in adjacent crops and it's own.
    Poison Ivy- Tier 4, planted with poison ivy, drops poison ivy. Poisons anything that steps on it at stages 3 and 4 (or should), harvesting the plant causes it to regrow hardier than it was (chance to increase resistance stat).

    New blocks:
    Charcoal brick
    - Fuel worth 40,000EU, crafted from 8 charcoal briquettes around a slimeball or resin. High density fuel for generators/furnaces/engines of any mod. When placed and lit it burns like netherrack (will not be consumed, keeps the fire going indefinitely).

    New items:
    Charcoal briquette- Fuel worth 5000EU, created by compressing a piece of charcoal. 375EU net gain in energy, nothing to write home about...
    Poison Ivy- Placed in an extractor it gives Grin Powder.
    Soybeans- Chance to drop from grass blocks like wheat seeds. Food item, edible for a point of hunger (half a drumstick), can be macerated into TVP. 8 around an empty bucket gives a bucket of milk (soy milk). Can be crafted 8 around an Empty Cell to obtain a Bio Cell. It's very versatile.
    Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP)- Obtained by macerating Soybeans. Craftable into Raw Fish (1 in each corner of the crafting grid), Raw Chicken (1 in each of the N/S/E/W positions), Raw Pork (fill the left and right columns), and Raw Beef (fill the top and bottom rows).

    New Tools:
    Pruning Shears- Tool that can harvest a seed bag from a fully grown crop, cutting the crop down to the first stage of growth. Recipe is a Refined Iron Ingot in the middle with a stick in the bottom left and right corners.
    Electric Pruning Shears- Powered version of the Pruning Shears. Recipe is a vertical line of Pruning Shears, Electronic Circuit, and RE Battery.


    Version 0.3:
    Ported to SMP, finally.
    Changed the default block ID of the Charcoal Brick so it doesn't conflict with IC2 by default. (The dartboard method failed me when I made the block...)
    Fixed I Don't Now's name in the Applebush Crop.
    Added Corpseweed crop.
    Added Soybean Crop, inspired by FunnyMan3595's helper crops ("Discovered by" attribution given), spritework by I Don't Now, code is all original. I was hoping to use his original sprites but I haven't gotten word back since the first "Yes, but please wait." Added for symbiosis with corpseweed.
    Added Poison Ivy Crop, original idea by I Don't Now ("Discovered by" attribution given). Originally was going to be Spidernip to give Spider eyes, I Don't Now's idea was much better and still results in Grin Powder.
    Added Soybeans item, something useful from the soybean crop and an emergency food.
    Added TVP item, I Don't Now and I both had the idea at the same time

    I'm probably forgetting something, I spent too much time dealing with coders block over the gui/inventory stuff then getting sick (damn plaguebearer nephews).

    Source included because it's all API.