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    Go into GT's config and change ensuretobeloadedlast to false and see if the new wood recipies are in there.

    Edit: I should also point out that wood+saw will still gives 4 but there are recipies for all logs to only output 2. GT just seems to win

    Iv been going through change logs and the source but haven't spotted the wood change yet. But like I said, its the only mod iv updated and suddenly "Auto crafting Recipes broken"

    Edit: I should point out that I cannot find anything in change logs about it (As is to be expected)
    Edit2: Also Saw recipes have been changed to only output 2 planks (But that doesnt seem to work too wel)
    Also, most of the crafting nerfs wont work at all if "Ensuretobeloadedlast" is set to true, but I have to set mine to false for a few tweaks :|

    Well its not in the GT recipies section, its hidden away, and im pretty sure the Oredict thing is just a spitefull move.

    @ Some blocks being OP: They can all be disabled in config, which is what I did. EU support is still good

    I wish powercrystals would come back. Sick of skyboy.
    Registered every items in ore dictionary again as greggy_greg_do_please_kindly_stuff_a_sock_in_it itemName...


    I like this, a review by someone who admits they aren't great at automation and doesn't mind that GT focuses heavily on automation because that is how it was designed.

    You my friend are a rare kind of person, you just gave a reasonable person review of something you don't really care for, rather than shouting about things!