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    Remember, make the mod to be the best mod it can be. Dont make it to be used by people. Falling into the mod popularity trap is a slow and sad way to make something refined and well thought out a shell of what it once was. Even if bug reports are harder because less are using it the end result will be better.

    Just look at BTW. There is somone who is purely making the mod he wants for himself, its a beautiful mod. *It also makes me happy its not forge compatible because then the mod would turn to trash as it would lose all balance*

    IC2 crops are amazing, incredibly powerfull when done right.
    And yeh Kane its pretty stable, has a few little bugs but easily worked around.

    Edit: IC2 in 1.5.x was very stable currently (Since 1.6.x it has been in an experimental build and is undergoing major changes. Honestly though I could not care less that CircleJerk the Beast is removing it from their packs. Their only semi reasonable pack was the mindcrack one which they had nothing to do with.

    I am just referencing every other time someone has come along with the argument that people get heaps of reports. Every other time so far its been a load of bullshit.
    Doesn't help that FTB has groomed their users into thinking greg is in the wrong no matter what.

    @ Double plank nerfing. Thats not how it works. The new items arnt registered as logs

    I have already fixed my inaccurate info and apologised.

    the oreDict scrutiny device is just a tool for greg to add compatibility and help others with compatibility. It is ignored by 99% of users and in all seriousness anyone saying they have "Heaps of bug reports from it" are downright lying.

    Edit: The wood stuff I have looked for and cannot find, but it only happens with the latest version of MFR and I have had confirmation from people only running GT and MFR. (I will run just those 2 right now to be sure)

    Fixed post about SB/tCon (Very poor info on my part, no fact checking) Apologies.

    Its not just a little bit of oredict thing. it is cloning every single entry, adding new shit entries. And doing that is breaking some forms of oreDict automation.

    Edit: Also in general the only reason that people come here in mass is to abuse regulars, there is a reason people are guarded.

    The OreDict tag has been in game for some time on Leather boots, it has been reported here before and afaik greg said "It doesnt affect anyone or anything so just ignore it" That is not the case anymore.

    Also the last time with tCon the comments from their authors went along the lines of "Im glad I did it, Im happy it caused you problems and your users broken worlds. I am also ready and prepared to do it again" (I am summing up a little here)
    I have great fear that things are being done to use other mods to bullhorn their way through GT and break as many things as possible.

    For reference skyboy and the tCon team seem to work pretty close, skyBoy having done close to 10% of the total commits to tCon
    This was poor information gathering on my part.

    :Compressor: The options I have left atm are...

    Drop back to a buggy version that has liquid router/variety of other problems.
    Try and deal with a semi broken ore dict.
    Rip the mod out and remove all the hard work my users have put into their factories.
    Hope someone forks and fixes it.

    That was the option I had to do previously with tCon, never thought I would be in the same situation with MFR. (tCon went because the damage was much worse)

    Tar and Feather? There is nothing wrong with altering the way GT does things, but specificity singling the mod out and simply breaking things isnt that. No one has been flaming. But people have learnt that they can do whatever they want when it comes to GT, cause as many problems as possible because you will have the full support of the FTB forums and FTB teams.

    If i made somthing that went along the lines of..

    "if MFR is detected then Remove ability to craft plastic sheets and make trees not grow" throw it into my mod silently, never mention it to anyone. Would that not be malicious with intent to only affect those that use MFR?

    Id like to see a fork that has cross mod compatibility as a focus. And some configs to allow some form of rebalancing.

    @MFR currently: The original mod dev powercrystals was all about cross mod compatability, its why it was one of the first mods to have GT style recipe sets. Also why PC developed his various forms of power converter mods. Now the person that maintains it seems to just want to use it to push a personal vendetta. As well as doing things like combining PCCore with COFH Core even more pushing it towards a less compatible setup. Probably running of RF exclusively*. And I wonder if source code will still be shown for PCCore once it is merged with COFH or if it will get a complete rewrite to keep things hidden and closed off.

    *This is just pessimistic speculation on my part

    as much as i dont really play with tcon, i dont see why going back to the he did therefor we should and then they did and because of that we should now do something (insert random revange). i dont see why holding on to a grudge over past indiscretions is gonna do anyone any good. Yes MFR (skyboy) has currently set in motion something towards greg we have yet to hear him come with a explanation as to why he has done it. and yet its already talk of forking a mfr and doing all sorts of stuff to it but then coded by someone that doesnt have anything against greg so we get what "MFR gregtech edition?" / "Gregfactory re-reloaded" i dont see why that would solve anything it just means u are alienating yourself towards the "community" dispite them (FTB now going with RF as there power type and basicly shuting down mods that dont have RF native support) because thats what they are doing if they started looking at the bigger picture.

    if you are a up and comming mod dev that has a mod and you then want to get your mod spotlighted and used in a ftb flagship pack you would have to be RF native otherwise you couldnt really be in the "flagship" pack and that would make your mod less exposed because its not wasnt a RF native one. if u look at Rotarycraft that mod isnt RF native and that means Raika isnt gonna be put in the Flagship pack because it isnt RF native.

    Yes i know FTB has said they are going to be making seperate packs with "other" power systems in, but i mean they are currently not really doing alot of testing as there unstable pack 1.0.3 now doesnt even have IC2 in it anymore.

    The great thing about Open Source is you can fork things off and change things to a different vision and/or fix problems.
    It doesnt have to be because of some disagreement, I have often hoped someone would fork tCon to give it some balance changes, additional config options and close compatability with GT
    both tCon and MFR dev's pulling malicious publicity stunts that affect the end users is just an extra reason.