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    Addon updated to 1.1 vesion:
    + Fixed bug in console with same items ID.
    + Added priority load after IC2.
    + Fixed bug with config files (Some people don't have config file. I hope it's fixed now)

    Well, I found my config file, it was in config directory where my launcher executable was. As long as it read it properly there is no prob :P

    After update to 1.1 it appeared where it was supposed to be, awesome :thumbsup:

    Awesome addon! I really like it but does it have config file ? Because it apparently did not create any in my config folder in minecraft. It could also use some more options in config file, such as maxCharge and transferLimit, so server owners can adjust them to what they like. :thumbsup:

    From what i read, this Server must contain many Noobs and Babies. The poor, unlogical and fanatic argumenting of vanyserezhkin and the Fact that his behaviour is even supported by the Admin, are more than enough logical Evidence for that. SpwnX checked, where the incredible Lag came from and got banned, because he was hacking something what is impossible?!?! Or because he "lied" once long time ago? Or because he reported an exploit? Your behaviour is childish and if you cannot "protect" your Base against People, who want to help you finding the Lagproblem, then its your fault.

    SpwnX, what was so good on this Server? I doubt it is the Community there.

    P.S. I read nearby every Post in this whole Forum, if i'm bored and connected to the Internet.

    2/10 for making me register here. You judge us basing on banned friend opinion without even taking effort to see how server is going. Even though I would take different steps instead of actually banning two people, I just respect what vany did. Every single time Spwn happened to pass by that area which was dramatically decreasing fps, he was just complaining about things vany keep in there, and telling him what to turn this and that. I think vany was tired of that already of that, if he wanted to investigate that lag matter why did he not wait for vany to come on and ask him for permission? vany has moved to other area and he took down all things he had in there, and guess what, something is still lagging that area. But it looks like Spwn found new server already and I wish him good luck on the way there, everyone is happy again(sort of).