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    To whom it may concern, I need to speak with the developer of Industrial craft with relation to a possible job opportunity involving there programming and this mod for Minecraft. Could someone point me in the right direction.

    Best Regards
    Dante Campbell
    Whale Coast Conservation

    Well unless I have misunderstood some hidden brilliance by the dolt then let me explane to you why your argument is flawed.

    The released version does not work with the released version of Forge, end of story.

    No where on this website or any other website of IC2s do they inform us about this so therefore they did not test there product with the current released version of Forge.

    Now if you cannot understand that then kindly do the world a favour and jump of the nearest bridge.


    I am using MCF 3.2.3 and IC2 is working as well as all the other mods I am using.

    So DO NOT GET THE LATEST version of Forge if you are running a SMP.

    Just thought you should all know since the devs are not kind enough to let you know *scaly stare at the devs*

    In all seriousness thank you very much for creating this Mod guys I really love it, but I also really love knowing when I am doing something wrong and when it is software issues. So next time please test this kind of stuff before releasing it.

    Thanks guys. :P

    I have a same problem :/ Can you try to use not latest forge but version 94 ? There it is It may be related to this problem, but i cannot try to switch it, cause i don't have an access to the server :/

    Tell me after that, if this will work or not ;)

    I will try for you now now.

    In answer to the generator question, I have used every method of power generation possible in the game and none of them work.

    Alright I am pissed off now.

    I have follow your steps from A to fudging B, and now I am still sitting with a server that is not working.

    Now let me tell you what I have:

    A fresh copy of MC server, then I install MCF the latest version
    Then I put the IC2 mod inside the mod folder and start up the server.

    The server loads the mod fine.

    Then I get a fresh copy of MC and install ModLoader the latest one.
    Then I install MCF version for client.
    Then I put IC2 for client in the Client Mods folder.

    Now I launch my client and I put a generator down (which faces into the ground and wont face the right way) plus some copper insulated wire leading to a bat box (which is ALSO facing down for some retarded reason) and I then put coal into the generator, now the generator burns the coal and nothing happens, no EU over the line or inside the batbox or even ON the bloody generator.

    EXPLANE how that cannot work when I have FOLLOWED your steps to the letter!

    I am soooooooooooo tired of this not working, I have sat now for 3 days trying to get this server up and running and now finally when I thought everyhting was alright this happenes.

    Please explane how your mod or the server or the client is not working.

    Thank you

    I am having the same issue here, I am not even using any other mods now and I cannot get any of the devices to generate 'any' EU.

    Please can someone help.

    Skip all the boring question like are they powered properly I know how to use IC2 I am using it now on a server for the first time and I am not sure what is causing this problem.

    Help please

    I dont really want to create another whole new thread for this so I am putting it here.

    I finally got everything to work and to start up however now I have realised that the 'power' is not working in-game?

    Any ideas anyone?

    To be a little more explanatory, the electricity does not get generated from anything.


    I tried it now without ModloaderMP and just used Modloader and Forge however it still crashed.

    I have also taken out all the other mods to see if it was any of them however they were clearly not responsible.

    Any other ideas please?

    Sorry I couldn't think of any more original support subject.

    I follow your steps one by one and once I got all the prerequisite mods working I then downloaded the IC2 mod file, placed it inside the mods directory and it simply starts up and then crashes.

    However I do have a few other mods I am trying to get working with this one. (Twilight Forest, Equivalent Exchange,Infi mod set) So I would like to know if they are the issue here.
    The only record I can find of the startup error log is the file I am attaching.

    Can you please help me figure this one out :) Thanks so much!