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    I guess if they spend even a tenth of $65,000,000,000,000 into researching how to make antimatter more efficiency they will be able to make that 1 gram of antimatter for less than $65,000,000,000,000 total price (research + production costs) xd.

    Sorry, but you can't do that. Ask Einstein

    Teorically UU-Matter can be anything right?

    Any physics addicted know that if you make matter from energy, 50% will be regular Matter and 50% will be Antimatter.

    My point is, the Mass Fabricator DOES make matter from energy, so according to physics, we should get Anti-UU-Matter also. But Antimatter is VERY HARD to store, because it can't 'touch' regular Matter (when Matter collides/touches Antimatter it explodes causing 100% conversion into Energy, E=mc²) requiring it to be 'levitated' by magnetism.

    So a tier 4 should have a new item capable of storing Anti-UU Matter. For this item recipe I suggest something with advanced circuit, advanced machine and a magnetizer. Other new block would be an Antimass Fabricator. Placed next to a regular Mass Fabricator, it would act like a canning machine, but with Antimatter Storage items instead of cans, resulting in Anti-UU-Matter inside a storage item.

    So, what can we do with antimatter?

    1. Antimatter Bomb

    A kilo of Antimatter can make 9×10^16 J, that's 1000 times greater than nuclear fission and 100 times greater than fission. An antimatter bomb would be 100 times stronger than a nuke!

    2. Energy Storage

    We can't use antimatter for energy production, since it would produce the same amount of energy we used for making it. So it would be viable as an energy storage item. A new machine would be necessary to get the energy from antimatter without exploding the world thought.

    I really can't think of any other usage for antimatter. So I think it will be denied. Anyway, thank me about the physics class :thumbup:

    Edit: this topic is #6666 =P

    You know what a Lappack is or? Remember that every piece of Cobble/Dirt/Gravel is worth 3080 EU for the Massfab.

    I'm not saying it is not a good Idea, I only said it was tedious. Full your inv with cobble/dirt/gravel, go back to house, transform full stack into Scrap, repeat, repeat, repeat...

    Nope it isnt, did you ever try Mininglaserquarrying? You can eradicate whole Chunks much faster with it, than a GOOD Redpowerframequarry! (Of course not automated)

    I tried it when I was making my Quanrum Armor. It's hard because the Mining Laser itself is energy costly and don't expect getting too many Scrap. It was tedius and boring, so I prefeered to wait my Reactor make the UU-Matter itself.

    Overclocking Miner, are you crazy ? I find them too speed (I like it, but what I dislike is to move them always, because of their very little area of mining)
    Canning machine ... Are canning machine as used as it ? I only use it on PvP servs, when I haven't yet Q-suits.
    And it's not as if you have tons of food to put in these cans, compared to how many ore you have to macerate ...

    Not overclocking. Transformer Upgrades.

    Well, I was planning to upgrade all my machines to 128 EU/t (Medium Voltage) using Transformer Upgrades. But there's no such slot in the Canning Machine. The same happens with the Miner. I wanted to place MFEs above it, but I need to place LV-Transformers first.

    I Searched the forum, I didn't find this suggestion anywhere.

    (Please don't execute/knife/throw rocks/nuke me :P )

    unfortunately the handle to my "belief in the intelligence of humanity" switch broke off while the switch was in the on position. so i am forever cursed to believe some where in the back of my mind that he had a good reason :D

    So you guys do that with every newcomer that posts wrong?

    Yeah, I didn't read. And you don't need to throw rocks at me because of it. Look what a nice community we have!

    So becoming practically inmortal, immune to most natural hazards, Super jumps, Super Speed, Unlimited underwater breathing and Food Bar replenishment is not enough to off-set the expensiveness of the quantum suit? i loled.

    It's not OP. Yes, it's super strong, but not OP due to the cost. We need 40 Iridium for the entire Quantum suit, whitch cost 40 x 7 = 240 UU-Matter. This is 240.000.000 EU.

    Actually a COMPOSITE bow with carbon fibre is a nice idea. We have Composite bows at OUR era, they're modern. But it should not be energy-based thought