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    Your reactor is Mark II-1 C

    Ashenwolf calculates heat correctly. But using time-unit "ticks" isn't good, because Game has 20ticks per second, but "reactor" recalculates heat only 1x per second. Mixing game ticks and reactor ticks is bad. Much better is use for reactor time-unit: seconds.
    Uranium cell lifetime is 10000 "reactor ticks" (or 200000 game ticks) = 10000s

    Your reactor has +35 heat/sec.
    After full uranium cycle he accumulates 35*10000 heat and distributes between 1x hull, 14x HD, 30x coolant cell = 45 elements
    35*10000/45 = 7777 heat in each coolant cell, HD and hull. Then needs cooldown before next cycle.

    Would this make a good breeder then? I could use the configuration I have to heat it up to 7777 while getting good power out of it, and then I could hopefully figure out 2 coolant cells to take out and put 1 u-cell in the middle with 4 surrounding it right?

    How much does one lava bucket heat up the system? Should I put some in near the endo f the cycle to push it to 9000?

    What about the "lifebars" of your coolant elements ? Are they all green ?

    They were by the time I returned home but that was 6ish hours or more later. I will do another trial some time when it's not 4:30 in the morning. I'll check it every couple minutes. 1250=1 day then this configuration be noticeably heated in 10 minutes. I'll let you know. What I need is is a good energy yield configuration that would last the life of my u-cells and output good energy even if it's not completely heat free.

    Uranium rods last 200,000 ticks, or 8 mine craft days, or 160 minutes.
    there are 25,000 ticks in a mine craft 24-hour day cycle.
    1250 ticks in a real-time minute .

    Then something funky is going on. I placed 5 fresh u-cells in that configuration and brought up my inventory and left for 6 hours. I came back to 1 near-depleted uraniumcell left and still alive. No explosion. No death. I agree with your math though. Why didn't I died? Code buggy?

    Thanks! I ended up figuring this out about a couple minutes before you posted it. I was calculating for the u-cells giving heat singularly per tick not for the coolants around them absorbing it. Duh! Also I forgot about the reactor in my water cooling math.

    How many ticks in a second and how many ticks is one uranium cell capable of lasting?

    I'm not sure where you're getting your numbers. Can you explain a little more?

    Middle Uranium has no surrounding coolant and 4 surrounding Uranium. That's 5 ticks of 10 heat directly to the hull. (50-hull)
    50 to the hull from middle.
    4xsurrounding uranium have 1 adjacent uranium each for 2 ticks each with 3 surrounding cooling elements each for 2xheat/t @ 4 heat each/t total (16)

    1 reactor. (AFAIK this cools 1/t)
    6 Chambers (don't think you can have 12. 1 top, 1 bottom, 4 NSEW) 2xCooling each (12)
    The 3x3x3 around the middle block (the reactor) is 27 blocks minus 6 for the chambers = 21 cooling from water tiles.
    34 Outer cooling.

    15xHD's = 25 heat pulled from the hull EACH/t. More than enough to cover the 50/t from the middle. In addition the coolants around the outer uranium cells have HD's each around them for 6 heat/t absorption capability each. Since each of the outer uranium only produce 4 heat/t this should be enough to absorb all the heat from the uranium and distribute it. No one Coolant is without a HD next to it, so heat should be distrubuted among the system 100% evenly.

    30x Coolants for 30/t cooling

    34 outer + 30 inner = 64 cooling

    So if this is all right, then I'm still wrong about this being perfect, but it's 2 heat extra per tick.

    I think I can correct this. EXACTLY 2 more cooling using this ASSUMING my math is right:

    I might be doing my math wrong. I suck at this. I tried posting already once, but I screwed up the screenshot pretty bad.

    This should create less heat than it's cooling capacity AND run at 65EU/t.

    It's got the 26 blocks of water around it, and 6 chambers.

    I'm fairly sure my math is right, but most people on this forum have so far gotten excited about like 2.1 efficiency configurations that don't generate as much energy as this one. Am I completely wrong here? Please help me out. I don't want to run this on my MP server only to log in one day with a blown up house.

    Edit: Wrong Screenshot.