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    Have you ever gone down in a mine and thought, darnit my laser/drill went dead, gotta go back to the surface?
    well, not anymore, with the gen-o-pack, and the react-o-pack, you can go on extended mining expeditions, power blocks such as electric furnaces with them, and never run out of power again (barring accidents).

    part 1: gen-o-pack
    1 generator
    1 batpack
    6 leather
    1 carbon plate

    made like this:
    MinecraftCow :Generator: MinecraftCow

    MinecraftCow :Batpack: MinecraftCow

    MinecraftCow :Compressed Coal Ball: MinecraftCow

    where MinecraftCow =leather and :Compressed Coal Ball: =carbon plate

    part 2 backpack reactor

    anyways, the materials:
    1 reactor chamber (not the reactor)
    4 mixed metal alloy ingots
    9 near depleted uranium fuel cells
    2 advanced circuits
    2 carbon fiber plates
    1 lappack

    first step: extract the cells, and craft the depleted uranium with the mixed metal alloy ingots. like so:
    :Uranium Ingot: :Uranium Ingot:
    :Uranium Ingot: :Alloy:
    take the product and compress it to make uran-triferrite plates ( :Coal Chunk: =uran-triferrite plate, :Compressed Coal Ball: =carbon plate)

    then craft the 3 uran-triferrite plates, 2 adv. circuits, 2 carbon plates, reactor chamber, and lappack to get the React-o-Pack.
    :Advanced Circuit: :Coal Chunk: :Advanced Circuit:

    :Coal Chunk: :Reactor: :Coal Chunk:

    :Compressed Coal Ball: :Batpack: :Compressed Coal Ball:

    Cooling this piece of advanced tech tokes another piece of tech, a peltier unit. craft like this:
    :Coolant Cell: :Coolant Cell: :Coolant Cell:

    :Coolant Cell: :Advanced Circuit: :Coolant Cell:

    :Cable: :Compressed Coal Ball: :Cable:

    where :Compressed Coal Ball: = carbon plates

    each react-o-pack has 2 cooling slots, one for each fuel sorce.

    so strap one on and go mine!
    Use: press "f" to access the gui, for adding fuel, and charging things that don't auto charge.
    press "u" while looking at a machine to power it while you are in a 3 block radius of it.