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    Ok, I've run into some kind of bug that is making it impossible to use my nuclear reactor. I already have one reactor set up and producing power. I built a second one with the exact same design but the steam turbines keep venting steam instead of passing it to the next turbine directly in front of it. Everything is facing the right direction, there is no water build up. the steam just gets vented instead of passing to the next turbine. I don't know what I'm supposed to do about this.

    IC2 Version 2.8.170

    MC Version 1.12.2

    Forge Version

    yes i know what all those things do, my problem is with the steam turbine. actually perhaps I can fix the problem by having the fluid ejector upgrades only eject the water towards the pipes. i need to go test this now

    yes they can? there's an upgrade slot to the right of the turbine slot. Either way I gave up on using pipes to transfer the condensed water back to the boiler and went with fluid regulators instead. they seem to work better even if they do cost EU. (I might be getting names mixed up)

    Sorry if this is the wrong place, I'm new here. anyway I decided to expand on my basic reactor design by copying the existing cooling system and implementing it one 2 more sides of the reactor core. The cooling/steam generation system is exactly the same on each of the three sides, but on one side the Steam generators just refuse to drain the water. They have Fluid Ejector Upgrades and are connected to pipes to take the water away, but the water doesn't come out and ends up blocking the generators.

    Has anyone else come across this issue or have a fix?

    EDIT: I figured out the problem. The video I used as a guide was running an older version of IC2 where the condenser returned steam to the boiler automatically. I found out that in the current version you have to place the condenser beside the steam generator and pipe the condensed water back into the boiler.

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    Hello, I'm really new to IndustrialCraft but I used to play the Technic mod(bootleg IndustrialCraft mod) on MineTest(basically free Minecraft for Linux) and had learned how to build reactors there so I wanted to do so here as well.

    Anyway, I watched a YouTube video guide on building a Fluid Reactor and recreated one for myself, however a few minutes or so after turning it on the steam turbines start filling up with water even with Fluid Ejector Upgrades installed in them. Everything does work correctly for the first few minutes. I don't understand why but the generators just stop passing steam on to the condenser and instead just vent it all. Can anyone help me understand where my build is going wrong?