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    I have the latest version of the Gregtech mod, before anyone asks, but I've found what seems to be a bug.. I can craft the new titanium machine hull with steel ingots and machine parts, is this intended? I can still craft it with titanium ingots and machine parts as well.

    Hey Greg, I am wondering why the Hydrogen Cells only produce 15k Eu in the Gas turbine, when I pump water into my Industrial Electrolyzer, It cost me 93K Eu to make 4 Cells which then will only produce 60k in my gas turbine, A net loss of 33k EU!!! Could you please do something about this? Also, about the Railcraft blast furnace, no one ever got back to me about why it can smelt aluminum but not titanium even though the temperature to smelt titanium is less then aluminum, I understand that smelting titanium with a Railcraft blast furnace is going to make it easier to obtain titanium, but in all fairness it still requires a trip to the nether or a mass fab to make a Railcraft furnace, and it only runs on charcoal or coal coke so its not like every one and their brother could accumulate stacks of titanium.

    I hope someone reads this lol

    Hey, I found that aluminum dust can be smelted in a railcraft blast furnace, so theoretically the railcraft blast furnace can achieve temperatures of at least 1700 degrees( cause that's the stated heat requirement in the GT blast furnace to smelt aluminum) but the railcraft blast furnace can't smelt titanium which according to the GT blast furnace only requires 1500 degrees. Is this behavior intended?

    For a long time i have wanted something that could eliminate the need for redstone wire in between a switch/lever and whatever i was trying to apply the redstone current to from a distance, for instance a splitter cable or a nuclear reactor, so i am suggesting an electric switch or whatever you would call it that you can place on a block like a lever but instead physically triggering it directly, have it link up with another electric switch by way of a FreqTrans like 2 teleporters link.
    As its electric nature suggests it would need to be powered, which i would implement the same basic form of power use like a Luminator.

    Just Imagine, A control room where you can turn on and off various machines, Lights and emergency reactor shutdown switches, not to mention other benefits it would add to vanilla minecraft like possible easy construction of a piano or advanced redstone circuits which can accept multiple inputs.

    You could also make a portable version as well if you aren't already opposed to the whole idea already.

    Recipe could be a Electronic circuit, 2 Redstone, 2 Lapis Lazuli, a Lever/switch, and a FreqTrans

    Anyways thanks for a great mod, I am addicted to minecraft now.. :D