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    Those who do not or are not capable of following the rules and directions will not even be CONSIDERED.

    Send your application to me via PM. I will respond with acceptance or denial within 24 hours.


    An industrially modded Bukkit survival server

    I'm running a modded Tekkit Bukkit server, and I'm looking for intelligent, courteous regulars that want to come play with us. We just switched to Tekkit, so the map isn't too developed.

    We run the following plugins for general use:

    Chest Shop


    World Guard


    We have a few rules to go along with the server.

    Read before saying ANYTHING!

    1) No Griefing - You get caught, you get taken off the whitelist

    2) No x-ray. There are sooo many ways to get resources with the mods we are running, if I even suspect you of x-raying, you're gone.

    3) No discrimination of any kind. Period.

    4) Follow all rules laid down by me. It is MY server, I pay for it, not you.

    5) Don't go into someones house or use their animals or items without documented proof of their permission - ie. screenshots

    6) Don't build a reactor within 100 blocks of anyone's anything without explicit documented permission.

    7) Abuse of the block-breaker will result in a minimum of a one-week ban.

    8) If you want to protect something, use World Guard. I will still ban the griefer, but there is only a 30% chance I will go to the trouble of doing a rollback for you. I

    installed World Guard for a reason.

    9) If you become a nuisance on the server, I will temp ban you.

    (This includes, but may not be limited to: pestering repeatedly to add a plugin/mod;

    trying to get me to promote you or give you stuff; shoving your opinion down

    other's throats; constantly letting everyone know how superior you are)


    Failure to fill this out, and properly, results in me ignoring you.

    1) What interests you about this server?

    2) Why do you want to play on a survival server?

    3) Are you comfortable following rules set down by me without question?

    4) What, in your opinion, does discrimination entail?

    5) How do you take a screenshot in Minecraft?

    6) What is your IGN (In-game-name)

    7) What do you think Tekkit is?

    8) Are you capable of updating Tekkit on your own?

    9) Do you understand that even if you know more than the mods,

    they are there to moderate, not be a walking encyclopedia, and as

    such you are to listen to and respect their judgement on server issues?

    10) Are you capable of being patient and respectful if an issue arises?

    Well, if you've gotten this far, you might be alright ;) If you fill out the application properly, and if I choose to accept you, I'll whitelist you and notify you of your acceptance within 24 hours.

    I think it is amusing, everyone bickering about the crop system. If you like it, play with it. Those of you who don't like it, ask yourselves this: "Is it necessary?" Was the answer no? Huh, seems weird that you'd make such a fuss about it then. And if it still upsets you, I'd say the reason is not that it hinders your gameplay, rather, you have a desire to grow these new plants but don't have the self-restraint or patience to see it through and put in the time, and that is your real problem. If it bothers you this much, reality must really suck for you, because anything I know of out in the real world that is worth having is worth a lot of work, and often requires a lot of work to obtain.

    Okay, thanks once again. And just two more questions.
    - The ice CASUC below the first row is isotopes alternating with uranium cells, correct?
    - Which one is more efficient? (exclude cost to make ice, I've figured out how to do that without using uranium)

    Ok, thanks for reply. I have a couple more questions now.

    In the first design I posted, I had a ring of four uranium cells where you said there should be isotope cells, and it recharged 3 of the central isotope cells in a row, without overheating, let alone exploding. Is there a reason it didn't explode like you suggested? I see now that doing it this way isn't very efficient, but it seemed safe. So If I switched it out, and had one uranium cell in the middle, that one cell would charge 4 isotope cells around it? Would it take very long? Or would it be around the 2-hour mark?

    And also, if I understand the diagrams correctly now, in the second design, (ice casuc breeder) would the cells on the top row be uranium cells?


    It seems to me that breeding takes a while. I am trying out THIS breeder currently. I read that 5 lava buckets instantly heats the hull to 10k. I have 20 blocks of water touching it. I put in the lavato get it hot, and yet it still seems to take a long time.

    So my question is, what can I do to breed faster? And my other question is, is there a design that will breed multiple cells quickly?

    Also, what do you guys think of THIS design?


    EDIT: I guess I should also ask a clarifying question. In the reactor planner app -let's say we're looking at the one I posted- in the ring of uranium/ isotope cells, is the outer ring of four the isotopes, or the inner cell the isotope?

    I'm kinda nooby at casucs, so help would be appreciated. Is it possible to make a water bucket casuc without RP2? If so, could you link me to a design that has picture that my dumb self can look at? Thanks

    Ok, thanks for the answers. I asked because I play on a server without RP. So I'll just stick to ice CASUC designs.