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    He updates it nearly every day, so just come every 3-4 days to get a new update..

    This wiki change log is pretty up to date, maybe 1 version older..

    and of course, the official-wiki change log..

    About wiki change log: Totally forgot about that!

    About updates:
    It's much faster when I see OP and see for ex. info like this:

    1. 2012-12-17 - Version 2.60d is out!

    or at last:

    1. GregTech v2.60d for IC2 1.106-1.110

    Then i know that I have old version.

    Anyway it's just a suggestion, for me it's cleaner and more visible that mod is updated then downloading it every 5 days.

    Fixed Double Chests and my Automation Devices
    Fixed Critical Bug in my Item Overloader, which caused many Problems, including the ones with Language Packs. (I had internal Problems, which I fixed somehow hardcoded), the one Problem RichardG had is not Part of this fix, as I have no Idea, what Errorlog he got as I overload Uranium Cells in @postInit and not as static Method. Probably MiscPeripherals just got loaded before IC², what could've caused the Problem.

    Can you put version number in download link or at last in topic name so we don't have to read whole last pages to find out that there is an update (it's really annoying atm)?

    As in, their posts are invisible until enabled by a moderator.
    This makes deleting spambot-posts easier, given I can remove n posts in n+2 clicks, which is linear work = good. At least in theory.

    Of course we still have to find something against the spambots capable of registering...

    Instead of current captcha try reCaptcha ( ).

    Alternate reCaptcha for users with less than 5 posts / unregistered users.

    Sounds like a anti-griefing mod messing up. I've had errors like that before, because I forgot to change a setting in one.
    Now I don't use one, since I have Explosives+, and turn on Nuclear Creepers. Bit more interesting when you have walking penises that explode with the force of a nuclear fusion bomb in the game.

    I'm playing SSP :)

    Also Slow Electric Engine will continuously explode (every cykle)

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