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    Some suggestions I had when I've been automating things (I'm using only IC2)

    Batch Crafter

    Would be nice to have 2 or 3 different crafting recipes in the same Batch Crafter to save costs in machines and space.

    Electric Sorting Machine

    If i need to output 2 items (e.g. redstone) from side A for each same item from side B, I mark 2 redstone on side A and 1 on side B BUT if I supply items with a hopper, they go inside the Electric Sorting Machine one by one and all of them go out from the same side.

    So it would help to have like a circular queue for repeated items in different routes.


    1. 2 redstone go to side A
    2. The next redstone goes to side B
    3. Repeat 1
    4. Repeat 2
    5. Repeat 1
    6. ...
    7. ...

    Circular queue may also be implemented in Batch Crafter if the previous suggestion is implemented.