Suggestions Thread

  • Since most suggestion threads are as ancient as the beta days of MC, I decided to make this freshly pinned thread for new suggestions.

    I'll start:

    Hotspring Water

    1. Ability to use hotspring water in the steam boiler (with calcification rates between water and distilled water).
    2. Less heating required to boil hotspring water to steam, since it's warmer than (distilled) water.


    1. Instead of metal uranium and plutonium fuel pellets, you have to oxidize them (in the fluid canning machine). This would make sense, since MOX stands for Mixed Oxide fuel.
    2. Usage of oxygen in blast furnaces: the higher oxygen content could help to speed up the production of steel.


    1. Possibly as an alternative form of energy storage. Of course it is not 100% efficient unlike storing it in a batbox/CESU/MFE/MFSU, but it can be used in a fuel cell to generate electricity or burned in a (semifluid) generator for heat.

    Pahoehoe Lava

    1. Convert it into a block resource (Basalt/Obsidian) or infuse it into Lava using magma (from the addon IC2Magma) in a fluid canning machine.

    Steam Turbine (item)

    1. Rename the Steam Turbine (item) to Turbine rotor, as it seems illogical to put a Steam Turbine (item) in a Steam Turbine (block). This was suggested by Su5eD, but due to a small mishap with threads merging, I write it down here instead.

    Steam Repressurizer

    1. Add a heat texture to the steam repressurizer block to make it clear that this block requires heat to work. (Su5eD).
  • Rename the Steam Turbine (blades) to Turbine blades, as it seems illogical to put a Steam Turbine (item) in a Steam Turbine (block). This was suggested by Su5eD, but due to a small mishap with threads merging, I write it down here instead.

    Isn't there already a "steam turbine blade" item? That you use three of to get the "steam turbine" (item)? Renaming it to "turbine blades" would re-target the confusion instead of eliminating it. I think Su5eD also mentioned "turbine rotor" as a possibility, which would better alleviate the confusion, or perhaps the block could be renamed instead.

    That must have been it, forgot what Su5ed suggested before I edited his post here. Fixed it now.

  • I think that a few recipes could use a little adjustment. Namely, the electric furnace.

    Would make more sense if it required a coil:

    x :Resin: x

    :Glass Fibre: :Advanced Furnace: X

    :Copper Dust: :Electronic Circuit: :Copper Dust:

    Where :Resin: = coil, :Glass Fibre: = tin cable, :Advanced Furnace: = iron furnace, :Copper Dust: = Redstone, :Electronic Circuit: = circuit

    The MV transformer could use coils too:

    X :Cable: X

    :Resin::Advanced Machine::Resin:

    X :Cable: X

    Where :Resin: = coil, :Cable: = copper cable, :Advanced Machine: = basic machine casing

    EDIT: not quite finished yet

    Pumps have a weird recipe. Why use pistons when IC2 has motors?


    :Iridium: X :Iridium:

    :Cable::Sticky Dynamite::Glass Fibre:

    :Iridium: X :Iridium:

    where :Cable: = copper cable, :Iridium: = iron item casing, :Sticky Dynamite: = motor, :Glass Fibre: = small bronze pipe


    :Intergrated Plating: X :Intergrated Plating:

    :Cable::Sticky Dynamite::Glass Fibre:

    :Intergrated Plating: X :Intergrated Plating:

    where :Cable: = gold cable, :Intergrated Plating: = steel item casing, :Sticky Dynamite: = motor, :Glass Fibre: = medium steel pipe

    Also i suggest a HV-Pump to make full use of the large steel pipe with 9600mb/sec

    X :Industrial Credit: X

    :Cable::Sticky Dynamite::Glass Fibre:

    X :Electronic Circuit: X

    where :Cable: = iron cable, :Industrial Credit: = steam turbine blade, :Sticky Dynamite: = motor, :Glass Fibre: = large steel pipe, :Electronic Circuit: = circuit

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  • Some suggestions I had when I've been automating things (I'm using only IC2)

    Batch Crafter

    Would be nice to have 2 or 3 different crafting recipes in the same Batch Crafter to save costs in machines and space.

    Electric Sorting Machine

    If i need to output 2 items (e.g. redstone) from side A for each same item from side B, I mark 2 redstone on side A and 1 on side B BUT if I supply items with a hopper, they go inside the Electric Sorting Machine one by one and all of them go out from the same side.

    So it would help to have like a circular queue for repeated items in different routes.


    1. 2 redstone go to side A
    2. The next redstone goes to side B
    3. Repeat 1
    4. Repeat 2
    5. Repeat 1
    6. ...
    7. ...

    Circular queue may also be implemented in Batch Crafter if the previous suggestion is implemented.