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    Dont know if i necessarily believe that your that interested in what it means but in the chances you are it translates as 私は (I am) 足期末 (ashitsuki) and the second half is just a very casual way of saying that im a programmer. Ill give you 2 cookies at least for even reading something that wasnt the words "lightning rod"

    Lightning rod threads are very successful around here, always full of posts. Let me include my pointless post.
    OP's title translation is "I end foot. Is a computer programmer.". Thanks for your time.

    1. Let me laugh at your failed attempt at google translate. Its a name not "i end foot." Google translate doesnt know anything about casual speech in japanese. 2. None of you ever read. Its not "Place and win" considering the EU generated is quite small and the point of the lightning rod and lightning lines would be to stop the current from destroying the machines on the lines. 3. It wouldnt be epic storms, they would occur just as infrequently as they do now, however lightning would actually not strike randomly. 4. This is actually rather amusing, seeing how many people will blindly flame a thread based on 2 words and not actually read anything other than those two. Thanks again for the bumps

    I use the Quickreplyfunction the First time and i see actually FOUR (of FIVE) Threads, which are about LIGHTNINGRODS in the "Similar-Threads-Box".

    This is my Favorite one Link, it explains why that Suggestion is so bad.

    Could i point out something that you ALL seem to be forgetting... This is NOT ONLY about lightning rods, this modifies the lightning algorithms, adds realism to grounding currents and insulation, surge protectors to protect machinery, etc. You all flock to the little phrase "lightning rod" and attack it blindly without even reading anything else. So dont post if your not even going to read. Oh and again, thanks for another bump

    Well Nanomanz if i really wanted to insult everyone i would and because this is the internet you couldnt do anything about it. Never did i say i was smarter than anyone else either. Your the one who by using the word "we" in the context of "trying to say how much we fail and/or indirectly insulting us" means that you are willingly putting yourself in the group of "people who flame each thread on the topic." So how about you go start a fight somewhere else and try not to destroy your argument on the first post. But again, thanks for the free bump

    No i did read it. I just don't really care what or who he is eating. Probably should have just sent the private message and avoided all you flammers but oh well. I must thank you all for the bumps and making this thread so popular though. You all really work against your own cause. Yes 1000 people proposing lightning rods would be annoying and pointless, but 100000 people flamming each thread is even more so.

    Yeah i understand the whole killing everyone saying "OMG WE WANT LIGHTNINGROD!" but i just want to know exactly what i would need from the IC2 source to actually implement it myself, or ideally the support from the IC2 staff in actually making some of the features (the rest of which i would do myself). Im not here begging for a new mod, just a map through the source so i dont have to waste a few extra hours tracing it myself.

    Not going to run. Simply said, its something ill work on whether its part of IC2 or not. I would like to have it be connectable with IC2 but if its something that no one will ever do then fine, dont do it. Ban me if thats what the punishment is for wanting to connect it to IC2. Never said it was an original idea either, just that its something i wanted to have done. So flame all you want. Haters gonna hate

    I saw that there were some jokes about lightning rods and all that, but in an attempt to add a slight bit of realism to this mod i propose this idea:

    Lightning and Storm Properties
    - Rain and Thunderstorms are more frequent
    - Code so lightning strikes more often during thunderstorms
    - The lightning will be drawn to objects in this order: lightning rod/lightning lines, Metal objects, Higher up objects, water, random other stuff
    - The lightning will generate EU when it strikes any IC2 item. (Amount of EU generated is debatable but possibly 2048 or something much higher)
    - If the lightning strikes a power cable/line then it would overload it with the EU and destroy any machines connected that cannot take that much current
    - When raining, if an exposed line is on the ground (as in not insulated) then the line can short either losing EU, Completely draining it and any MSFU/other things that are on the line (at max line current if not more), or charging the water and thus shocking anyone that goes in it with the full current of the line.

    Lightning Rod/Lightning Lines
    - Very cheap to make the lines (possibly 3 iron ingots turns into 3-6 Lightning Lines)
    - The lightning lines have VERY VERY bad EU loss based on distance. (100+ per block)
    - The lightning lines have multiple levels of insulation just like HV wires
    - Lightning lines must be insulated when near any other current carrying blocks/machines else the current could leak and overload them
    - Lightning rods are also relatively cheap to make (or possibly more expensive ones that are more effective or something)
    - Lightning rods draw lightning to themselves and feed it into Lightning Lines or a surge protector

    Surge Protectors and other devices
    - 4 models of surge protectors: 1 time use (any EU current), HV current, EV current, and Lightning current
    - Converter that can extract 1 tick of EV current from a Lightning Rod/Lightning Line (multiple converters can be connected to each draw that current)
    - Converters VERY expensive and only work for 1 tick worth per lightning strike.

    Other thoughts?
    - Power lines maybe? idk?

    I'm a programmer myself (although Java is not my main language) and would be more than happy to help out on this project, but i thought i would come to you as i have not really made much of anything on minecraft and would like to have your aid in implementing something into your existing mod.

    Questions/Feedback/etc is appreciated as if this isnt added to IC2 ill probably still end up creating something without the EU and IC2 implements for general use in a standalone mod.