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    So since forestry was given the boot out of TechnicPack and obtaining wood isn't as convenient now.

    [Insert flaming remarks here]


    I really like the idea for ivy and the compost bin. Ivy would look so cool climbing up the walls of my Thaumcraft base, and although I haven't tried the agriculture yet, I've seen from let's plays that the seed bags can get extremely annoying.

    Edit: What? [hr] doesn't work? Such a shame :(

    LOL, if something like this did get implemented, the IC2 servers are all going to freak out. If someone goes offline for a day, or goes to sleep, and leaves their generator running or something, they'd come back on to a small piece of their house missing.

    How I imagine this new mechanic:


    The machine block's hull health should be an average of the health of all of the components inside that are under 50% in health. When a component runs low enough on health, instead of getting destroyed, is should turn into scrap. Scrap in the machine should automatically shut the machine off, and bring down the hull's health by a certain factor. Unlike the nuclear reactor, this health cannot be replenished, and a new machine block must be crafted. Machine blocks that have under 80% health left are automatically lost when you try to pick them up with a wrench. The slightly damaged machine block gets "repaired" when you pick it up, draining some energy from the electric wrench

    Using oil on a machine block should null out gradual transfer of damage from components to hull. If one of the 50% depleted machine components is being oiled, that oil cell automatically begins loosing health at a 50% faster rate bit of metal and stuff are getting in it), and any other components around it begin loosing health 5% quicker.

    If the hull's health drops below 80%, is starts putting out occasional smoke particles. If it drops below 60%, smoke starts coming out at a much faster rate. At 40% health, smoke is billowing out of it, and flame particle effects are showing. At 10% health, smoke is still billowing out, but the flames are getting large and more frequent. Also, the ground around the machine should have a random chance of catching on fire. At 0% health, the machine explodes with force equivalent to the power being put into it.

    disable IC2 sounds. Problem solved.

    It's what I've been doing, but it's kinda annoying not being able to hear that your generator system is running.

    Extremely off topic, but do the normal generators put out the same amount of power as the geothermal generators? I'm thinking of making a charcoal power plant of epic proportions using logistics pipes and a ton of automatic tree farms :D

    When I upgraded to the latest forge, IC2 began throwing this error out like crazy in the console:

    Error in class 'SourceLWJGL OpenAL'
    	Channel null in method 'stop'

    It keeps doing that until something overflows, and my sound breaks completely.

    dont forget the process of "Fractional Distillation".
    so much possibilities if this would be implemented!

    I'd love to see the possibility of building oil distillation towers and stuff. Only problem is, if we want oil stuff like that, Alblaka is going to have to add a fluid piping system or something. This sort of stuff is perfect for a BC and IC2 addon :D

    Edit: Or a RP2 addon, since Eloraam is working on an API for her fluid pipes.

    If we go with the nuclear-reactor style machine, what would happen if a single part of the machine broke? Would the entire machine explode? Or would it just create smoke particles and stop working? Maybe certain components like transformers and energy storage increase the chance of an explosion if a component fails.

    On the subject of oil: I'd love to see oil cells as a way to slow down the wear-and-tear of components that it touches. With better, upgraded oil refining equipment, the player could then get better grades of oil that better protect against wear-and-tear.

    For people that don't like the idea of having machines that get worn out, what about having it disable-able in the config?

    I think it would be good, but in order to make everybody happy, let me come back with an oiling machine suggestion: This oil could be obtained from tar, gas (as Al already spoke about implementing it) or BC-Oil, when put in a IC²-Refinnery.
    Then you could obtain randomly better fuel (Kerozene, petroil etc ...) or oil for Oiling-machine.
    The machines would run 10% faster than now without Oil, but could break (or their components, as said in the post I quote, Idea that I prefer) randomly/when the resistance bar would be over. But when Oiled, the machine would run even faster (*1.2 for example), would be a bit more Energy-saving (*0.9) and above all, using Oiling machine would remove the possibility of they breaks, randomly or not.

    So, it would make the game harder (for example for FenixR), would let GregoriusT building factory but more sophisticated one, and, considering Oil (for Oiling machine) wouldn't be renewable, or with a very difficult way (Cross-Breeding ?), would let player set up real economy on their servs.
    Even the EE players (I won't say what I think about them) could use it, assuming Oil could be created by Condenser/MkIII etc ...

    Maybe something like an "oil cell" that lubricates machine components in a radius. Lubricated components could wear at a much slower rate, or not at all. Over time, the oil cell gets used up, and turns into a "used oil cell", and could be recycled into rubber or refined back into clean oil.

    If the machine itself had a damage value, wouldn't every machine need its own ID? Also, I've never seen a mod that adds blocks that have an actual physical "damage" value. If something like that was added to IC2, wouldn't it lag really bad as the block constantly changes its ID as it's used? Food for thought.

    Might require a somewhat minor rewrite, but if the machine system behaved like the nuclear reactor system, players would just have to build the machine components (gears, grinders, electric units, etc.) and place them into the machine block to build their machine. Those machine components could wear down as the machine is used, and eventually need replacing with "spares". Seems extremely balanced, and Ilove the idea of one machine design being more efficent than another design.

    Normal machine block should probably have a 5x5 grid, while the advanced machine block, with its stronger, thinner hull, can have a 10x10 grid. Placing machine blocks together could incrteas the size of the grid, allowing the construction of macerator-electric furnace combos.

    Every time I quit my world and come back on, my entire IC2 power grid in frozen, as in no power is traversing it. To fix it, I have to knock out a piece of cable from the system and re-place it. After a few seconds of lag, it's back to normal. What makes this annoying, is that in the network's down-time, all of my induction furnaces loose their heat value, and I have to charge them back up.

    Bizarre...every time I try to place a rocket, minecraft goes all "saving chunks" on me, and this is what I get in my log:

    Could someone explain this error?

    Tired of your drill running out of power because of all the sand and dirt you have to keep digging through? Why not try the auger! It mines dirt, sand, and gravel at the same speed as the drill, but it doesn't wear it out as quickly. Okay, it kinda defeats the purpose of the drill to be an all in one tool, but it would be a good thing to have if you want to quickly and effectively level a desert without running back to your base to recharge your drill and/or batpack.