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    Factorysation, Thermal Expansion, GregTech and Redpower are all adding Silver to the World. Guess why you have so much.

    Please stop it. Even if those Tekkit Guys are stupid enough to decompile my Addon, rather than just copying the Mods into their normal .minecraft.
    Continue it at the real Tekkit-Threads, and if I get mentioned, then I will most likely respond.

    Fixed some NEI-Stuff. Crashes already got fixed a Version ago, but I had to fix that one tiny broken Feature.
    Added the most awesome Ore to the End.

    You've been mentioned plenty of times. Well then, we will certainly be awaiting your reponse, in that case.

    Sure, go ahead. Test over 25 mods to see which one work and which ones cause compatibility issues. Now go ahead and do that all over again every time Minecraft updates. Then find out one of them isn't compatible. Then have fun testing them all one by one to see which one is the culprit.

    The exact point of modpacks like Technic, FTB and YogBox is so 5000 end-users don't have to do that individually, but rather it's being done once centrally.


    I'm pretty certain that Tekkit will have to update to 1.4.5 at some point(Google seems to think they did already, but their site seems to say differently) and in doing so, (assuming their site is correct) following the loss of EE, it's possible that they might try to grab a few more tech mods to bridge the gaps created by a lack of that mod, GregTech could be picked up somewhere along the line. However, your argument does make sense, as most of their user base sees nothing wrong with having a crapload of condensers and exploiting with EE (one of my friends that uses the pack insists on calling EE "mad science"), and therefore will probably not want a mod that makes things harder.

    I love how you based your entire post around opinions of 2 or 3 people and tried to pass it off as the average opinion. Let me state one fact: 70% of Tekkit servers have EE disabled, and 100% of the good servers have EE either completely disabled or heavily, HEAVILY tweaked/partially disabled. The last thing 90% of the Technic userbase wants is going into pseudo-creative after 5 Minecraft days.

    Do a bit of research on the modpack. They do NOT add any mods without mod author's consent after the pack became public. Only thing you achieve with the blocker is pissing off the end users and they will be pissed about you, not Kakermix or Tekkit.

    Yes, forestry silently wrecked the save file. GT simply refused to load the game. Out of those two evils not starting is obviously lesser.

    This a bazillion times.

    Definitely this'ing the this.

    All Gregorius is doing is hurting the end user. Greg, stop being such a pussy and take it up in a mature manner with Kakermix.

    I think so, see what I found in the original post..

    This Mod can not be used in conjunction with Tekkit, until Kakermix asks me PERSONALLY for permission. And to be honest, he will not ask before, and since "after" (like he always does) is not possible, it wont get added to it. But dont worry, the FTB-Pack is much better, than Tekkit.

    Until people stop thinking like you do, Minecraft Modding will never advance forward. What if Technic users want to add this to their installation manually? They can't, because some ego tripper is too afraid someone will "steal" his work. Now who gets hurt by this the most? The end-user. At least Forestry's dev was decent enough to allow people to install Forestry themselves.

    Also, which mod pack is better is subjective. Some people like FTB, some like Technic.

    I don't see Kakermix wanting to include this mod anytime soon, since he has a history of not liking huge egos.

    This. So much this.

    I have to agree a bit with the OP. I mean, sure, the system is fun. But for people who have incredibly bad luck (Like me), the system pretty much sucks. You have to crossbreed the vanilla plants at least 5000000 times before you finally get something non-vanilla, and then it's a black flower which drops ink sacks. Sure, Coffee and Hops are good implementations, and are fun. But maybe they would be more fun if I was actually able to access them. There's no point in Coffee anymore if I already have a Diamond Drill and full Quantum Armour by the time I finally get one coffee bean.

    I'm playing Industrialcraft using the Tekkit modpack. Now, I've tried to plant Cocoa Beans, and it actually worked in one location. However, I couldn't plant them in any other location. There seems to be no difference between the locations. What is this?