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    I would like to have these in the Steam Generator as well. The Generator always outputs steam into the pipes where the distilled water is coming from, this way I can't feed the Steam Generator with fresh water.

    Speaking of which, why hasn't the Miner been updated to support upgrades?

    Let's do that Update Miner to support upgrades

    Quote from MauveCloud

    My guess would be that the Miner uses the default sequence of an ejector upgrade: South, North, Top, Bottom, East, and then West (as listed at Thus if the two chests were on the east and west sides, it would output into the hopper first, but if they were moved to be on the north and south sides, it would output to the chests first.

    Gonna try this now, I read this and then placed the Hopper next to the Miner instead of above him but the Ores still went into the Hopper. I didn't check the compass though, will edit my result in a min.

    EDIT: Doesn't really work. I put a chest above it, the ores went into the chest. Then I put a Hopper North of it, and everything went into the Hopper again

    EDIT 2: I just recognized that in the test above it was supposed to actually go into the Hopper. Now I have put a Chest south the miner and a Hopper above it -> works! Everything goes into the chest, as supposed


    Thunderdark thought me that the Miner ejects stuff into the first valid inventory (, while in machines, which are able to use Ejector Upgrades, you're able to choose the output direction;

    Quote from

    [...] To select a direction to eject to, sneak + right click the module on the appropriate side of any block in the world.

    Basically you take the module in your hand and Shift + Rightclick on the side of the machine where you want it to output stuff. Understood!

    Now to the problem I have with the Miner -> I setup the Miner and directly attached two chests next to it. Then I put in some pipes, the OV scanner and a Mining Drill whilst finally attaching it to a Solar Panel. The Miner outputted it's ores directly in the chest (perfect!). Then I put a Hopper above it and added pipes in the Hopper so I can let it work alone. Now the Miner outputs ores into the Hopper, as soon as it is full the Miner uses the chests again.

    This behavior is not a serious bug since nothing is lost, just put in different inventories. Although I would like to ask if there's something I did wrong while setting it up

    Thanks in advance

    While that is a valid suggestion, you never have too much cropsticks. You need loads of it when doing crossbreeding (to get new plants).

    You're right, theoretically you could use them in a almost unlimited amount. In case you have none other fuel than the crops left, it's still something helpful.

    I would like to report a bug using the thermal monitor - if I connect it to a electrical source (MFSU) where I, of course, first convert the voltage to LV the thermal monitor explodes. Basically I have to put a electrical source in there manually

    Sorry for only so few details but I wrote it from my phone.

    EDIT: Obviously a problem from IC2's Converters. If I connect the thermal monitor to a Batbox which outputs 32EU/t it doesn't explode and just works fine.

    Yeah, that... xD me and JSON files don't like each other much. It's no major issue or anything like that, the file basically just gives you the information you get when you click on the mods button the main menu, it doesn't even really effect anything server-related afaik.

    Ps: why does everyone like JSON over XML anyway? XML is easier to not screw up on.

    JSON has smaller size, better to read by human and easier to edit, better to store info from classes (serialize) and it's really better then xml :thumbup:

    Indeed, if you get used to it you'll like it more aswell.

    Also, good to know that this error doesn't have much influence to the game, but of course it's better without any errors, plus it's a easy fix :)

    You want a mod that has a chunk loader, Railcraft has one, Chickenbones has ChickenChunks, and Buildcraft quarries act like a chunk loader. Those are the only ones I can think of right now.

    EDIT: There is also this IC2 addon, I think it fits what you want perfectly.

    Looks good, thanks, I'll give it a try. Hopefully it won't kill my world =P Otherwise BuildCraft will come anyway

    Thanks for your replies, I'll take a look at those... However, I'm transferring energy to my friend from my MFSU but the problem is that when I / a friend isn't near my house the energy will stop transfering. (I think because the chunks will be unloaded when you go out of them)

    Is there a way to keep the chunk where my house is loaded or any other fix for that?

    Hi there,

    well, I came on this idea while playing :P My friends have their houses pretty far from my house, and we always have to run to each other to give us the items. I thought about using teleporters but this would be to expensive...

    The idea is - shoot items through pipes with a air pressure machine. This would really save me some time. If another mod already have this feature, please tell me, I were only playing with IC2 so far then I will take a look in it too :)