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    Idea 1: 2nd July 2012

    Advanced Upgrader.

    This machine virtually enchants drills and axes and other industrialcraft tools. But instead of an enchanting table, you have to use the upgrader, it places upgrades inside the drill, which can easily be removed by the advanced upgrade remover. Plus certain combinations of upgrades cause the drill to malfunction.

    Idea 2: 2nd July 2012

    Self Sustaining Energy

    This idea would be a machine of sorts that resembles the self sustaining energy tower from the ultimate avengers. It would be a self sustaining energy source that would get very little energy from, but you could upgrade you machine so it can use the energy more efficiently, and there would be 3 ranks oif the machine. LV, MV, HV. It's a simple idea, and I look forward to a response.

    Idea 3: 2nd July 2012


    Much like the thaumcraft mod with taint, I think it would be cool to add pollution to IC2, then you have to make an air purifier to purify the air, that way it's harder to have lots of machines at one, and making it more realistic.

    Update: With nuclear energy it would be best to build a large chimney to funnel the toxic fumes into the air. (The point of having pollution is that people try to avert pollution.)

    Idea 4: 2nd July 2012


    Basically, it would add a block that would intelligently save EU. It would only give the exact power amount, and would even make the machines more efficient too. The CPU would also have the ability to transport items from a block to a chest.

    Update: It would be an external upgrader, it would give every machine it was hooked up to all the upgrades (2 of each). Also you would have to connect it up with information wires instead of cables.

    Idea 5: 3rd July 2012

    Static energy

    Static energy would surround areas that have machines in them. If you're not careful, and static energy builds up, your machines won't work anymore. There are ways to prevent static energy...An energy collector. It draws in static electricity and outputs it as EU.

    Idea 6: 3rd July 2012

    Machine Mechanics

    Basically what this would do is that you can acces a back panel or something to get inside the computer. mYou could then use a wrench or a screwdriver to take old parts out and put new parts in. You could also implement upgrades instead of putting them into a panel at the side of the GUI.

    Idea 7: 3rd July 2012


    This machine would require the result of an ore (anythiung that is not the ore itself.), and stone. This machine would package your result back into an ore. (Small Idea)

    Idea 8: 3rd July 2012


    This would implement potatoes into the game. You could use poatatoes to run your LV machines for half a day.(Potatoes would be placable as blocks, and once hooked up with cables would start outputting energy!)

    Idea 9: 3rd July 2012

    Improved HUD

    The HUD system is out of date. To check on jetpack (I knwo it's already been suggested to see jetpack fuel) energy, and bat or lap pack energy, you have to press E. Yes, it doesn't take much time out of our lives, but it would be much appreciated if a new HUD system was implemented (Maybe with a helmet (Cheaper), or goggles (Expensive)).

    Idea 10: 4th July 2012

    Solar Panel Models

    This would make the solar panel span two blocks high, and one wide. The solar panel would slope through the two blocks, and would face the direction opposite to what yuo face when you place it.

    Idea 11: 4th July 2012


    In the beginning of the game you obtain a lot of wood. I think that you should be able to make machines out of wood and cogs, these would be faster than furnaces, but would break when used (When they break they have a random chance of dropping 2 Cogs, and 1 wooden Plank).

    Update: You can use different ranks of cogs on the side of a machine to improve speed. Lower ranks have slower improvements. You can also place up to three, and 2 sticks between them. It also takes time for the cogs to get up to speed.

    Idea 12: 5th July 2012

    Advanced Wires

    These wires could carry a redstone siganl aswell as EU. It also wouldn't lose EU over distances.

    Idea 13: 5th July 2012

    Rubber Tubes

    These tubes would function much like builvraft pipes, but to pump items out you would need an item pump. The tubeing would connect from the pump.

    Idea 14: 6th July 2012

    Nuclear Radiation

    What this would imlement is that if you spent a certain amount of time close to a nuclear reactor, you would get a ransom potion ability. So if it's a good ability then you have mutated (rather like hulk), If it is bad then you have got radiation sickness.

    Idea 15: 11th July 2012

    Rubber Application

    This would mean that you could place down wires, then you could later rightclick on them with rubber, and they would become insulated!

    Thanks for Reading

    This would add devicesa like solar panels, but would collect energy at night instead of day. Then you could have different flowers, and they could work during the day and night!

    Thanks for reading.

    minecraft physics makes this either impossible, impractical, or OP


    Better than wolves and a few other mods perform this technique quite well...And it was merely a suggestion to improve the water mill...It's a pain to gather water buckets, and it wouldn't be OP because it could give out less EU than before...

    The water mill at the current moment isn't much like a watermill at all, maybe make i so water flows through it, and it generates electricity that way, instead of buckets of water.

    Thanks for reading...

    it was just an idea. Oh, and they aren't goggles, they're glasses...I suppose they are sorta easy to mistake, I'll chnage that now...

    So the idea is that there is a HV machine that requires a lot of energy to run, and it suplicates item, the rarer the item, the more energy it needs. And there are a few methods of duplication...

    There is the method that uses energy to trnsform one item into another, then there's one where it takes the original item, splits it up, and recreates the item from collected data! Any item would be duplicatable, and you'd need less energy for converting items. The machine also comes with a grinder that produces electricity. Here'sa the cool part, the grinder requires electricity to run. It outputs 10EU, but need 3 to run. So you can use a causation to loop to have the grinder create energy, then just hook up a wire from the export, to the import.

    Thank you for reading my ideas.

    Great, that'll be another module I'll have to download. The one complaint I have about RP2 is that there's no user friendly single file download. Eloraam's choice, but still a pain.

    Yes, I agree, eloraam should atleast have one zip file with the othgers in it. And if she is planning power conversion, I'm fine with that!

    Tip for survival, don't mention EE, at all, period

    Also similar addons exist that convert from one mod energy type to another but I would suggest just using multiple ones of those, rather that suggesting a universal energy conversion addon/mod

    I can't seem to find an addon that allows Industrialcraft enegy to be turned into redpower energy, any ideas?

    My mod idea is a mod that crosses over 4 different energy units in minecraft forge mods.

    Industrilcraft2 energy, Builcraft energy, Redpower2 energy, and EE energy.

    This mod would allow you to use any source of power from any of these
    mods to run any of the machines. (It would require some mathematics that
    involve switching energy, and powering machines, but it's not an
    extravagent idea)

    This request is sure to help many people if it were to come true. Thank you!

    (P.S. Love Industrilacraft 2, one of my favourites along with EE)