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    For all tools. And doesn't like MC enchantment system for swords, pickaxes... Anyway, this is only an idea, not a final request. I think we can come to a good solution together. Of course, if this is good enough idea.

    Thanks, LeBratz.

    karolk, it's no more magical than Nano-Saber. It any case, this is only idea, not final realization. There can be lens, as narc says. We can craft them with UU-Matter, so they will be too expensive.

    One day i have a dream. :D

    Tools can be amplified by using special stones. I get them from some tool like Recycler: disposing some kind of things will gave you that stone. The value of that stone depends on disposing item's value. Cobblestone will give lowest quality power-stone, diamond — the highest, etc.

    This stone can be applied by holding it and pressing right button, then it power applies to last tool equiped, or through workbench.

    Also i saw that after using this power-stone on laser it changes color of beams and itself. For example, 5-10 stones will color laser from red to orange. And further along the spectrum — yellow, green, etc.

    The power of laser modes changes along with color. Explosion will have larger radius, long-shots also shoot further and have more damage, etc. Also maybe some optimizations in EU consumption.

    Another part of that dream was some kind of industrial dungeon. There are can be IC² tools and blocks. But i don't think that this idea is so good than power-stone.