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    EE exploits are a dime a dozen. Just something about a mod like EE invites insanity when added to other mods. Anyways, try doing it without EE. Buildcraft is good, but RP2 can be more elegant. What's a good way to describe it. Basically buildcraft is a lot more user friendly than RP2, and a lot better documented (apparently the wiki for RP 2 hasn't had the state cell added yet), but it has several downsides. Anyways, good first effort, and don't mention EE on the forum. Certain people start foaming at the mouth.

    Also, boo tehnic. Me no like. Me smash!

    Hey, someone had to do it.

    RP2 based auto charging and discharging with lapotron crystals isn't too hard to set up, and with enderchest works great for providing power to mystcraft ages and ender/nether bases. Works just as well with standard crystals, RE batteries, and RP2 batteries. I'm actually using a version to power my horizontal RP2 quarry in one of my SSP worlds. All you need is a charging side with a filter pulling depleted !powerstorage out of a chest, with the tubes going into the top of your charging system. Then, a retriever that pulls only fully charged medium out if the machines, with the retriever output going back into the chest.

    Then you reverse everything on the discharge side. The filter pulls fully charged medium out of the chest, with the pipes going into the bottom of your energy storage or machines. The retriever pulls depleted medium out and puts it back into the chest to be recharged. Works really well on SMP where the different worlds stay loaded. There is an upper limit on energy transfer per enderchest "channel" but I really have never run into it.

    I first had the chest hooked up to a quicksort, but it pulled the cobble out so fast that it flooded my recyclers and dump the cobble on the ground. Mind you, this was a 33 x 33 (or 32x32, I can't remember if my "must be centered" OCD kicked in) frame quarry that only side shifted once before moving down. If I remember correctly, I was having the same issues with my item sink based macerating and smelting. Sometimes with a quicksort, the system would just get flooded if I hit too much ore within the same two or three quarry cycles.

    The ore issue was less stack size, though. I only had two rotary macerators, so if I hit three or more different types of ore, it would foul the system. I think the reason items were dropping was because of the way LP was doing its routing. This may have been a bug, but from what I could tell, LP would jot send an item to a filled inventory, but, it would only look at the current state of the inventory, so, it would eventually try and send cobble into the same recyler as gravel, and the cobble would fall out. Lays at least how it looked to me.

    After that I tried 4 redstone engines around an enderchest. I wound up having six of those setups to deal with the volume from that quarry.

    The other reason I started messing with RP2 was that I wanted to build a mobile base,and logistics pipes and frames don't play nice.

    You mean how BTW fairs with the mentioned Mojang API?

    That's a good question, but I personally doubt that the official API will be worth much. I certainly expect to still have to install Forge at least. Honnestly, I'm really suspicious of the API. I worry that's it will be a reason for Mojang to say "we gave you an API, any mods based on decompiled source code are now TOS violations." I know I might be being a little paranoid, but companies (and their lawyers) have done crazier things.

    Yep. Denied. Also lack of crafting recipe, discussion of game balance, and not using the search feature. Also, because of the way minecraft works, they would have to (as I understand it) code a different item in for every single possible combination of items worn on the back. Now, my statistic math is rusty, but that's a lot of items.

    Also, let's look at balance in say, PvP. You have a choice, do you want the mobility of a jetpack, the extra ammo from a lap-pack, or the armor from a nano chest plate? If this suggestion was implemented, you'd end up with all of the advantages, with none of the disadvantages.

    Just to make it clear, I wasn't saying it was a bad thing. In fact, I'd like it to have an inventory because I'd like it to play nice with other mods. Interoperability is a very good thing in my opinion. Of course, I come from the "give me all the mods, ALL OF THEM MWAHAHAHA" school.

    Honnestly, I prefer a hybrid logistics pipes / RP2 sorting system. I much prefer RP2 bounce back mechanic vs. "drop items on the ground" mechanic from buildcraft. I use RP2 for input, macerating, smelting, and common bulk item sorting. The sort of stuff that, say, a frame quarry will be dumping stacks of at a time. Anything that my RP2 system doesnt know about gets kicked to a "random junk chest". All chest inputs are from the bottom. On the back of each chest I have a logistics chassis pipe; on everything but the overflow chest, I have a provider module and a polymorphic item sink. On the random junk, I have an item sink as default, a provider, and a quick sort. Usually I throw a dirt and sand terminus module somewhere in the system for excess sand and dirt from forestry farms.

    The reason I built this was because of my first frame quarry (DW20 style) that completely overloaded my early pure logistics pipes system. A quicksort module ended up dumping lots of items on the ground, and multiple wooden pipes out of the ender chest ended up with a lot of ore in the default route not getting sorted.

    I was thinking of this tree tap bucket things. If right click empties the inventory, then put a deployer with a stick in it facing the resin collector. I mean, you could always just build a forestry rubber farm. From personal experience I end up recycling most of the resin coming out because "oh good god too much rubber". I mean, after running one on a server for a day I could have supplied every male in China with a box of condoms.

    I hope so. Otherwise I might go into new content withdrawl while I drool over new content being released by other mods.

    Ah, right. I forgot that there was a port done. Also, I've heard that IC2 will not be releasing for 1.3, but will wait on the API. Is that true, or did I misread that?

    I'm going to regret entering the conversation. Oh well. Here's how I see it. Technic put together a collection of other peoples work, forced them to play nicely together, and put them out on the web, with several added features mostly relating to the secretarial side of running mods (updating, config files, et cetera). From their point of view, they are doing the modders a favor by making the mods more accessible to a wider (perhaps less technologically inclined) audience. A laudible goal.

    On the other hand, the modders, including sengir, feel like this is an unauthorized distribution of their code. I understand the point that the law is really unclear on this (at least for US and EU), but in my opinion, the mod makers get to decide what to do with their work. They put hours upon hours of time into these mods, time they could be using in other pursuits. And let's face it, we, the mod using community, are not the easiest people to get along with. They make these mods either as a labor of love for the community, or for pursuit of art for its own sake. Shouldn't we respect that, and allow them to do with of as they may? Letter of the law be damned.

    Furthermore, I've seen several comments about how these mods are free, and therefore should be able to be freely distributed. Now, they are free to the user, but that does not mean that there is not a profit loss occuring by the use of a modpack. Most mid authors use adfly, if a similar service, and receive a small revenue from each download. So, each download of a modpack is in fact a revenue loss to a modmaker such as Sengir.

    Now, I admit that I dont agree with the inclusion of a sabotage code within forestry (though I will admit to being curious as to how it was done), but that still doesn't change the points above. As to the he said game, I'm inclined to beleive Sengir. He has less to lose if he did in fact receive a request but did not respond to it. I would say that in this situation, a lack of response should be treated as a negative response. It's his creation, and I don't agree with unauthorized distribution without his explicit permission.

    Anyways, that's my two cents on the matter.

    -idly wonders how long it will take SSP only mods to make the jump- really thinking of Thaumcraft and logistics pipes here. I'm not certain, but were devs able to use the snapshots to get things rolling? Beyond that, it doesn't look like there was a new forge push, so I guess we have to wait for that before we can even hope for mod updates.

    Centralized power for me. Early game I usually throw up an RP2 manned watermill system as soon as I get the enderpearls for the retriever. Ya, I know it's somewhat exploiting the system, but it gets me where I need to go. Mid game I tend to use a lot of forestry stuff, mostly bio fuel generators. Usually mixed in with with LV and maybe MV solar arrays. Late game, it depends on how chEEting I'm feeling. If I'm going all out, its all about an energy condenser send lava cells into geothermal generators. If I'm not using EE, HV solar pannels at my temporary locations, and multiple nuclear reactors at my main base. I know nukes are less efficient (and more dangerous) than solar, but I like the idea.

    As for the original question, I like the idea of centralized power. I tend not to get rid of old power sources once I upgrade, so I tend to keep them as backups. Also, really late game. I have multiple MFSU connected in serial to serve as battery backup. Lately, I've been working on an automatic generator backup. When the first MFSU in serial sends a redstone signal on power empty, it trips an RS NOR latch that opens a valve pipe, allowing bio fuel to flow into a serious of forestry generators. That system remains active until it is either manually shut down, or if the last MFSU sends a signal on full that trips the RS NOR latch. I guess this could also be done with RP 2, standard generators with fuel cans, and a retriever. Late game, I also make sure to have enough solar backup to keep all my advanced machines running at standby.

    For the frame quarry and anything mobile, I use a lapotron crystal + enderchest system. No need to build lots of solar pannels.

    As for redundancy, I always make sure to have some kind of backup, usually by leaving or mothballing my old power production. I've been working on a RP2 Control system that detects if the backups have been engaged, and uses splitter cables to shut down any non-vital machines, but my lack of FORTH ability has been making things difficult.

    IRL, the problem with wind is the massive space it takes to generate power, same with solar. Hydro kills fish. The problem seems to be that we are modelling wind as a one block large unit, rather that BtW or planned RP2 style wind units.

    Boy pollution seems to be a common topic. What about reactors? Would it be cool to have to deal with nuke waste?

    From what I've heard, EE3 is undergoing a major rebalance for the next release. Anyways, couple flaws with your post, EE doesn't assign ore an EMC value, at least not in the latest release. I would still macerate the odds to gain the doubling effect, or build a Redmatter furnace (runs on EMC, doubles ore, can smelt, but does not double dusts).

    I find most of EE to be fairly balanced, except for Klein stars, and collectors. Once I get my first collector and relay, its only a matter of time until I have massive condenser farms producing more EMC than I know what to do with. On the other hand, I love the toys. My RP2 quarry would have been (more of) a pain in the ass without swiftwolf's ring.

    As to Tekkit users, they remind me of a religious radical. No matter how much evidence you throw at them, they just ignore you.