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    Try using ingotTin, might be an error in the documentation I noticed some time ago.

    it's no the name as such it keeps on crashing the server when trying to use the compresor in the above recipe, I cause the macerator to create Rp2 ores or dust without any hiccup, so either my method is wrong or the servers not loading the API properly, or there's another way of doing it.

    I did an expansion for our server that will convert ores we have in the world into other others by using the macerator and compressor.

    Problem is everything works fine except when I use the compressor to convert custom dust into Tin and the urianiumDrop

    apart from that the compressor works for silverdust and rubber just those two it's like the API does not recognize the names

    Ic2Recipes.addCompressorRecipe(new ItemStack(MultiBlockServerCrafting.cassiteritedust,1), Items.getItem("tinIngot"));
    Ic2Recipes.addCompressorRecipe(new ItemStack(MultiBlockServerCrafting.uraninitedust,1), Items.getItem("uraniumDrop"));

    SO these simply don't work and crashes server;


    Ic2Recipes.addCompressorRecipe(new ItemStack(MultiBlockServerCrafting.argentitedust,1), Items.getItem("silverDust"));
    Ic2Recipes.addCompressorRecipe(new ItemStack(MultiBlockServerCrafting.talcdust,1), Items.getItem("rubber"));

    these work

    so what I'm I doing wrong here.

    You should be able to handle most games, but due to your graphics card some of the games you might not be able to play at there best resolutions.

    The corner you want to cut with your case is fine but you will need to make sure you have some extra fans in there because heat will kill your performance in seconds and eventually even kill your pc. Going for the fancy water cooling systems is a sure way to fix those problems but if you intend to build you own pc and it's your first time setting the coolant system up is not that easy.

    If you opt out of a cooling system and just want to stick with a normal case this is what in my opinion you need to look out for. Firstly the build of the case you want to be able to extract warm air out of the pc as fast as possible and blow in cooler air with another fan, I believe a important aspect these case designers forget is that warm air rises and cool air drops.

    So a very nice case design from cooler master is where you have your PSU sitting at the bottom instead of the top why do they put PSU's at the top beats the hell out of me cause all the hot air goes upwards and it does affect your PSU and the hotter that runs over time your pc will just start evolving numerous problems. so find a case where you can install the PSU at the bottom just about all dedicated servers have there PSU at the bottom have you ever notice that? So with the PSU at the bottom you will have a vent at the top where all the hot air that wasn't extracted will be extracted.

    In most cases you would see two vents for fans 1 at the back of your pc and 1 on the side the one at the back can basically only be used for extracting hot air if your PSU is at the top because your PSU will be extracting hot air which basicly gets sucks back into the pc if you use your back vent as a fan to blow cool air into the pc, but now if it's at the bottom you can make your side fan extract hot air to the side of the pc and the back vent extract cool air into the pc which will also be directly onto your CPU fan and your top vent extract hot air out.

    So in short you can cut corners with your Case just look at the designs and layout of the case before you buy I never liked water cooling they just to dam expensive so this method has brought my own pc from having numerous hard dive failures an so forth due to heat to zero downtime.

    Regarding your OS windows 7 in all it's glory suck, but using linux as a gaming operating system might give you grey hair due to incompatibilites with certain games and even programs. My personal opinion would be to download a free operating system for now there are a couple out there and they also good and in the same line as linux but free and just wait for Microsoft to release there latest OS which would most likely happen sometime during the year if you do get into problems with the os then you can always buy windows 7 later on but do get profesional version cause the standard edition is just horrible to use or work with.

    Also consider a 64bit operating system it has it's downsides in regards to compatibility with certain apps but you can really use a lot more ram than your average 32bit os and upgrading your ram to 16GB would make a world of difference.

    After spending some time looking into code and just trying o grasp the whole bukkit etc thing I came to realize that whoever is in charge of bukkit is a complete idiot.

    Now the whole idea seem very good that's until you get behind the scene and try to code, I'm a programmer and web developer so it took me less than a day to realize that bukkit went and change the whole mapping system and even renamed classes they not just making it very hard for themselves to upgrade versions but mere impossible for community like IC to support it.

    So I now completely understand why one would not bother, it's a dam shame and porting mods to bukkit well that is going to take forever not to mention having to do it all over.

    For the first time I dislike bukkit they have some cool plugins but yeah will spend some time on finding a way to port bukkit plugins to the vanilla server surely there has to be a way.

    Being using FF for ages but lately it's just become one huge lag spike when using FF so switch to google chrome for now just as bad actually lol but at least i have no more pc freezing on me for seconds, i always thought it was minecraft causing my pc to freeze when I minimize the game well it wasn't mc it was ff.

    The whole forum was actually down 2 days ago and yesterday for couple of hours giving you the Apache welcome message as if someone wiped the entire root directory lol

    But glad it's back on again

    Now first off I haven't been playing minecraft for that long so only started figuring out how to get things working a couple of months ago after days of intensive learning might I add

    So my only question is what's up with the bukkit not being supported and for that matter the whole mc forum have they in some way insulted your work or banned you from creating IC cause I seriously don't understand why someone would want to in a way try to work against other modders instead of with them.

    The work you did in IC with all the bugs are incredible and IC2 where you chopped the ID's etc are even more incredible so why be ashamed showing everyone what you can do and did for that matter.

    The fact is that if everyone wants to do everything on there own without a central point like bukkit for instance getting mods to run smoothly becomes a nightmare for anyone running a server. All or most of the bukkit plugins are improvements on the game and security related with the odd mod that allows you to do stuff that you couldn't normally.

    But instead what you find is that everyone is trying to run into there own direction, you have SMP Mods and SP Mods you can download off the mc forum installed on your normal server jar then you have Itemcraft trying to get the SP mods working on SMP and then off course Bukkit and none of them are compatible with each other so a crap load of fixes need to occur before you can play.

    So I reckon one could argue that if you want to play IC2 just play that and other mods modded for mc without bukkit etc, but even though IC2 is incredible just playing that alone actually sucks now correct me if I'm wrong.

    1) All the good mods are mostly for mc without bukkit support these mods mostly include or change the game completely like mocreatures,IC,Buildcraft, Slopes, Fancypack etc very cool to have and play and adds some flavour to your mc game.

    2) Bukkit plugins are awesome for security and server management and have tons of add-ons that change the gameplay without changing the content, like electrocraft, Bedrock, essentials, Iconomy etc etc etc. these mods really help with management of server and just gives you tons of new gameplay styles without the sacrifice of ID's etc

    3) notch relay on Mods to give flavour to his games if he were to develop all of these it would take him forever so the game is written to be modded.

    So now what i see happening is that IC2 for instance gets developed awesome mod with loads of flavour but you either just use this along with some other lame ass mods from mc forum or you drop this mod or pray someone will convert them and hope they did everything correct or you start learning java and port them yourself hehe

    Further because the IC for instance does not support bukkit most of the bukit mods don't support IC so you will find some very handy ore generators but none support the new ores in IC except mineralveins but that just screws up your server map, but anything else IC loc ID's are just not supported and mainly because no-one knows about IC or evn what it i ll about.

    Bukkit is mostly server side but people have managed to port mods like IC to bukkit enabling one to have the best of both worlds and that works very well I had Fancypack,Slopes,Mocreatures and IC running on a server with 50 bukkit plugins and created a very playable server up until you reach the Iconomy stage where IC uses it's own money system vs Iconomy and then you are screwed.

    So why do you want to keep IC2 separate from bukkit for instance if the mod was compatible all those O-Matic machines including the IC currency could just be dropped and the Iconomy mod could be used for buying and selling things and there are a lot of other mods that could also be implemented to make life even easier not to mention how many players would be very happy.

    Your statement about bukkit 'Stop bothering me' just makes me wonder why you feel this way looking from a third person perspective I only see IC2 gaining from this and don't get me wrong I'm not supporting bukkit it has many flaws but at the moment the best for mods and anyone that has installed a bukkit plugin and used it would agree, world border for instance helping you set borders on map, and various other mods just helps a lot

    The biggest question would be how many players pass on IC2 because it's not compatible with bukkit, and my personal opinion that would account for a lot of players only the really hard core gamers with time to port or the know how to install a modded craftbukkit server will use IC2 if this mod was bukkit compatible it would not just be the very first mod of its kind that will be compatible but it will attract more players and you might even find getting more donations through players looking at the scope of how many players there are a mod like IC2 should be used by at least 50% of those players because it's a really good mod and only way reaching that goal is compatibility.

    Anyway if you could perhaps enlighten me an I think a couple thousand other players as to why you tend to want to go on you own direction with this mod it would really shed some light.

    P.S I like IC so much I did a 256 Texturepack for it took me days so it hurts having to wait for some bukit porting to happen before I can play IC2

    So why do I have to wait because before I can setup a new server a short description of my current server might answer this question.

    Using Iconomy for all economic needs paying online players x amount per hour, With the residence mod players are allowed to buy property which protects there property and also allow them to build cool shops which they can rent out to other players. Shop ranges from electronics up to your basic food and stones you can buy and sell everything using NPC as traders to do the transactions for you while you are offline and thus gives live to a world.

    Full scale factories producing clay, stone etc and being able o drop those into chest via plugins, When you die you loose your items this helps balancing out the overwhelming ability of the mining drill and laser you die you have to build new ones and ores are scrares and with mocreatures enabled you have so many wild animals roaming around that surviving becomes truly hard the lame ass mobs in mc are nothing compares to orgs an lions and ghost etc gives you a lot more to do with your mining laser like killing mobs lol.

    So on top of that you get your glass bac when you break it except for IC reinforced glass because the bukkit plugin does not support it again becaus ethey have no idea what IC is we have movecraft on there allowing some spectacular boats to sail on ocean etc World has some basic chest protections that you buy and some merchant that has started selling electricity to others by passing IC currency an just using on an off switches which they build on there property so you don't buy electricity gets cut off the IC currency completely unusable because who the heck want to use iron to create currency when we use dollars or pounds as currency, we have bank account with ATM tellers all over some even installed some tellers at there on homes at x-amount allowing them to do bank transfers paying other players to do work or just buying stuff.

    All shops have nice showcases displaying goods to sell except all IC items cause plugin does not support it again modder did not even know about IC if he did it would have been in there we have streetlamps that does not use the luminator and works very well and with electric craft we are able to build draw bridges and loads of other cool stuff, you can vie the world in a browser with dynmap and use falsebook to create other cool effects, server is getting backup every hour automated with a nice plugin and essentials keeps the server safe with limited permissions to certain players.

    We have airports that will take you to other worlds using multiverse allowing players to take a break and visit other worlds already built by others, players have buildings built using slopes and furniture in there homes and the clever ones have electricity to there houses using IC mind you the very clever ones cause you have to really study before you start messing with IC lol.

    So this is the world and reckon a lot of others have the same type of setup and we get stuffed we can't upgrade to IC2 even if we want to unless we drop the res and vice verse real pain in the behind it actually puts a damper on playing mc, for mc v1.9 this exact server above will also be able to have the vehicle mod and guns mods an if we are lucky the planes mod and build craft included with the unlimited ID fixes and IC using less id it helps adding more content to the server

    What stands in the way is compatibility, I will probably invest some time in learning how to port to help out already made a 256 texture pack for IC which looks nice so yeah i would help o understand why

    The mod is not bad really had some fun with IC trying to figure out everything, as for the wiki completely useless all the recipes are ether incorrect or based on IC2 cause none of them worked.

    The game did become a bit hectic when we started using Mining Drills and Lasers and over time you start to loose the feeling of minecraft just my personal opinion I tried finding a way to lessen the effect of the mining laser to maybe 1 block only but there's no setting for it only energy consumption ad with mining lasers and drills being indestructible well pickaxes etc becomes useless.

    The chainsaw also lost it grips when you use mining laser you chop down a tree with 1 go.

    Apart from those tools that I think might be a tad overpowering the rest of the mod is pretty awesome to play.