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    I'm using both, according to what works better, or what system I want to do in given moment. Both systems are really fun to build with and are capable of almost anything (except lack of autocrafting in RP). BC pipes are IMO simpler, but also harder to build complicated things. Also I think BC mechanics is better integrated with Minecraft, not in technical sense, but more in "Minecrafty" feeling. BC3 gates are really great thing. They can make BC systems really smart and compact (using also RP2 gates ;)).

    On the other hand, I won't even consider starting game without redpower. I could live without tube system, but compact circuits, well thought computer (in comparison to CC, "turtle.left()" is just silly) are irreplacable. Deployers, blockbreakers etc. are great elements of really complicated systems (specially with frames).

    Game changing thing for buildcraft is actually BC addon, Logistic Pipes. This is a mod, which makes crafting things from different mods practically possible, also making inventory managing almost a non issue (with great forestry backpacks). Before I was using them, in one world I had about 200 project tables ;). Though for automated systems I prefer to only provide input/output from them using LP (for example input - Forestry humus, output UU-matter), supply constantly working machines with them is just too easy. It also causes lots of console output and sometimes lag. Currently they are quite fragile, but too awesome to refrain from using them after one or two world resets. I became a person who makes world backup after loosing 90 % of workshop and 6 out of 7 external systems, about 20 chunks got reverted to original state, but it is not necessarily LP fault.

    In summary, both of these mods are great, work well together with IC2 and for me are essential.

    I use EE, but on my current world I don't have transmutation tablet and also I don't put non EE items in top slot of energy condenser. Items are really fun, but changing EMC into low value items (for example diamonds ;)) is just not fun. You can reach endgame EE in a few days, without self control really cool contraptions are becoming pointless.

    Also I'm not a fan of spending hours mining and destroying my landscape with quarries, so I get my non renewables (with forestry/BC/redpower it is basically ores) from mystcraft ages with destruction catalyst and black hole band. I also use NEI cheats, for example when I forget to bring enough torches while mining, or when I needed a lot of string quickly I NEI'ed myself bonemeal and constructed automatic flax farm with RP deployers.

    This bug is still present in 1.97 (installed only with forge 3.3.8 or 3.3.7). I added information to wiki's article about cropanalyzer, because it took me 3 hours to track it down.

    Edit: I decompiled HandHeldCropnalyzer.class and I found out, that in "public void onGuiClosed" in a loop for every item in inventory until cropnalyzer is found "StackUtil.getOrCreateNbtData" is used.

    Possible fix would be to replace

    NBTTagCompound nbttagcompound3 = StackUtil.getOrCreateNbtData(itemstack);  
    if(nbttagcompound.getInt("uid") != nbttagcompound3.getInt("uid"))                        continue;


    NBTTagCompound nbttagcompound3 = itemstack.getTag();  
    if(nbttagcompound3 == null || nbttagcompound.getInt("uid") != nbttagcompound3.getInt("uid"))                        continue;

    Something went wrong with code tags.

    You shouldn't modify non cropanalyzer items in any way, but getOrCreateNbtData is doing it. Also I don't think that "entityhuman.inventory.setItem(k, itemStack)" is necessary, because you operate on references (ignoring this fact seems to be cause of this bug).