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    Unfortunately ice doesn't work this way in 1.3.1, so only items like evertide amulet would be a good source of water, but it will probably be a problem in about a month. I wonder what EE3 will bring on the table, because currently I treat EE2 only as a source of OP items, using transmutation table / energy condenser to make non EE items just takes fun away from using other mods.

    Back to the topic, I think that obsidian generator is very natural use of RP2 pumps. I made one while breading bees in the nether (with extra bees there is quite a lot of them), but based on double row of water, extended pistons below, and then row of lava. The only issue I have with RP pipes, is that they can pump lava from 50 meters below. It just feel weird. RP2 has quite realistic feeling, with small more magical/minecrafty elements, but nothing in grates and pipes doesn't look like it would allow for pumping things from such distance below. I'd say 3 blocks for lava and 9 blocks for water should be maximum height of the pump above water source (after pump it could go on any height, maybe using simplified model with proportional energy usage/efficiency to pipe length and destination height). In buildcraft pump pipe looks more advanced, so it could have pumps along the way. Maybe I'm just picky, but it is really bothering me. I even added recipes for smelting dusts to blast furnace via railcraft api. Making iron from iron ore in electric furnace without coal is magical, it can heat steak, not reduce iron oxide.

    Edit: jppk1 Like I was saying, you can use EE without using transmutation table. It is still OP, but also fun.

    If you know, how to use BC pipes, they are not useless, you can always use mod with additional pipes, but simple well placed diamond pipe won't drop items on the floor. They are better in systems, which doesn't need to cope with changing demand, but to produce output from given input. Of course with gates or logistic pipes you can make BC system suitable for changing and constant demand, but it is more natural for simpler systems of this kind to use RP, maybe adding some dummy pipes with gates for finer control (it seems more natural, then item detector feedback, constantly working timer is bad engineering in my book). If you use logistic pipes recipes with chipsets, not with gears, they don't feel so OP for crafting on demand, however I tend not to use it in systems, because it feels cheap. Great addition for BC to work well with IC2 machines are hoppers, unfortunately they are not yet in stable build, in my world I use relays instead (it's like using autocrafting tables in RP systems), with simple BC gates it works great. BC pipes are not laggy when you treat your overflow well (looping pipes is BAD).

    Have you analyzed it and you are sure it is coffee? It may be also Ferru or Aurelia and they won't grow without appropriate ores under them and on this stage they look the same.

    When I disable avatars in account settings, there is "Picture N/A" image shown as every avatar which makes this feature useless. Completely disabling this field would be a lot better, cleaner and more intuitive. Fortunately there is no "Signature N/A" image. The best option for me would be to have an ability to view posts exactly like they are shown in preview why replying. It makes ratio of content to visual noise a lot higher.

    In IC2 electricity is only a buzz word for small magical dwarfs carrying nanobatteries. From every energy source or storage there is one dwarf released every tick. Size of a dwarf is determined by amount of energy they are carrying. Cables are in reality just a tunnels where they run. If a cable or machine don't provide enough space for a dwarf it will get angry and blow up.

    However many dwarfs are happy to run alongside each other and will in cooperation carry any amount of energy through a cable. Big dwarf will still prefer to blow up, then to split, but he can split into smaller dwarfs in transformer. Every smaller dwarf which is produced by transformer can go to the same output tunnel.

    These useful little creatures are also sometimes nicknamed packets.

    Overusing integrated heat dispensers is bad design ( If you are happy with mark II you can try this one from good reactor list:
    http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…a=1p101010110010101001010 , has higher output (while the cycle is running ;)) and uses less uranium.

    You could always go with cheap reactor: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…=1p10101001501521s1r11r10

    I'm too lazy to do screenshot, but you will now, if you get it. First stage is similar to flower, but a lot brighter. It is specific to coffee, aurelia and ferru, I don't think you would like to ignore any of them (ferru and aurelia don't need ores for them to appear during crossbreeding, only to fully grow). In late stages you see beans, in the beginning they are dark brown, don't harvest it yet. In fully grown stage beans are red.

    With forestry and RP2 too much copper is rarely the problem. Also using Iron Chests mod you can use copper and then silver to get quite decent sized chests. In RP2 one frame costs 3 3/4 copper, so your supplies get depleted rather quickly when you want to build some decent structures using them.

    Edit: I forgot about law of conservation of mass.

    You can always get slimeballs from scrap boxes. You need 790 scrap on average for one though, which is about 100 stacks of cobble. On the other hand you will probably have marvelous collection of wooden hoes in the end.

    About secrecy of the UUM recipes: checking 511 recipes just to find a bunch useful ones is not really my idea of fun (however spending hours tending to virtual crops is).

    There is also EU/cost to keep in mind. Only design, that I don't like is .
    It uses about the same amount of resources like 3 mark I with the same efficiency and lasts only one cycle.
    On the other hand this one:

    can be better in some situations than according mark I, because it is cheaper.

    I will start brewing seriously after I finish my coffee express in Rube Goldberg machine style (what's the best way to generate smooth stone? of course mining laser in smelting mode used with smooth stone generator). Unfortunately red power deployers don't allow to place treetaps on booze barells, it could make really cool breweries possible, specially with only one/two deployers and frames.

    You have low chance of getting coffee or products of other high tier plants if its gain value isn't high enough (probably that is the case, I rarely got coffee from my first plants). Also you can get coffee only when plant have light brown beans, not dark brown ones (they also disappear when harvested, but doesn't give you coffee). Wait more time for it to grew fully and try to raise its gain stat, if it doesn't help update your bug report.

    I've done recently a lot of agriculture (with a bit of cheating, i.e. Black Hole Band and Swiftwolf from EE) and I found out, that for good GGR values it is best to cross low tier plants and then cross them with high tier plants. Pumpkins and Wheat work OK, Reeds grow fast, but have small seed drop ratio, I'd recommend wheat. Good way is to have low tier crossing next to high tier crossing, with for example one low tier plant common for both cross crops. This way my first Aurelia was 15 15 15, and in three crossing (which took a long time for Aurelia) it grew to 18 20 19 (about equal to pumpkin used in crossing). I haven't done experiments what does this values exactly mean, so I go for a high total ;).

    I have also one question. I found out that neither Ferru, nor Aurelia need ores to appear for the first time after crossing, they just don't grow fully. Probably thanks to high GGR values I could harvest seeds. But I couldn't get Redwheat this way. My crossing grounds are well lit, does it prevent Redwheat from appearing, or only from reaching fully grown stage? Also, is it possible that low nutrition value can make high tier plant die? I think it happened to me when I put Aurelia outside of Cropmatron range, but I'm not 100 % sure. If this is true, I have to make automatic Cropmatron feeding system when I will finally stop my supervision (probably after getting 31 31 31 plants ;)).