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    Sometimes transformers seem to fail to connect and need a redstone state change before they start working(i.e. downwards transformers need to state changes)
    Problem Scenario:

    Drop a transformer into prelaid wiring, and if it's placed in certain directions, it won't function till you apply and remove a redstone signal.


    In the blockElectric source file, you are calling the setFacing function from the onBlockPlacedBy function. Change all these setFacing functions to alterFacing functions, as setFacing doesn't update the EnergyNet.(it's lines 171-191 in my decompiled version code)
    Had same issue with my Power Regulator addon, applied this fix to it, it now functions correctly.

    (not many bug reports come with detailed code fixing instructions and all, huh?)

    Personally, a EV or HV version is probably all that's needed. No one cares about power overflow on low capacity grids.

    I leave no range out(although I didn't do a EV version, I think EV is just too high power for anything but transformer to transformer, but if someone wants it, I can probably add it).

    Some may want a LV version for some reason, and I didn't want to make it so you'd have to use the HV one for it.

    Link to addon post http://forum.industrial-craft.…page=Thread&threadID=1143

    Just made it, link to addon post http://forum.industrial-craft.…page=Thread&threadID=1143

    Name: Power Systems

    Summary: Various power grid enhancing blocks

    The power regulator allows you to keep your workshop fully charged, and use any extra energy to run a mass fab, keep some induction furnaces hot, i.e. anything that could use power that you don't want to use power unless everything else that needs power is full.

    The power regulator works by first acting as a pass through, then sending extra power out it's output blocks.

    The power regulator can be disabled by applying a redstone input(i.e. lever or whatever). This will stop the overflow from going out the output, but the regulator will continue passing current through to the main output.

    Simple design

    Power regulator looks like a storage unit for it's voltage range, and outputs to the side with a double dot. Output block looks like the power regulator, but outputs at the quintuple dot. Thanks sirbrandino for the sprites.
    Note, the power regulator sucks in as much as it can, so it needs to be before your workshop, not in the middle of it, in order to work properly.

    The power switch only passes energy through when it gets redstone signal. It will transmit anything up to HV, and won't blow stuff if you put it in a LV circuit.

    The power meter tracks power flow through it. Like the power switch, it will transmit anything up to HV, and won't blow stuff if you put it in a LV circuit.


    Current ones are crap, I'm taking suggestions.

    Regulator LV

    Regulator Output LV

    Regulator MV

    Regulator Output MV

    Regulator HV

    Regulator Output HV

    Power Switch

    Power Meter


    Note to IC2 admins:
    I despise adfly, and as such I refuse to allow links to my mod(s) to be adfly'd. If you want to include my mod in the main mod, I will gladly send my source code to you, and you can do as you may with it.(i.e. adfly the main mod containing my mod code without worry about what I think) That being said, I would be happy to provide mirror hosting, and do have some pretty decent quotas on my hosting(8TB of bandwidth a month that I have barely touched so far). I can provide ftp access for use in mirroring any IC/IC2/M4D/MC mods, on the one condition that I will not tolerate adflying links to my server.

    Note to other modders:
    If you want free hosting for IC/IC2/M4D/MC related mods/images, feel free to send me a PM/email. My only conditions are reasonable size(less than 50MB total) and no adflying of links to my server.

    edit: update, forgot about redstone behavior.

    I whole-heartedly approve of this suggestion, and I'm going to try to make it into an addon. My perspective is that there be 3 tiers to match the low side of the transformers. I'm not sure about designating primary/secondary sides, my current idea is top/bottom is primary/secondary, but that strikes me as rather inflexible. I am interested in input on side designation. I don't want it to be too complex, but maybe wrench right click designates primary, and the prior primary becomes the new secondary?

    Vendarian Reactor Corp
    For when you don't have the resources or the need for a 6-chamber reactor.

    These are some designs for less then 6-chamber reactors. This is for the beginning reactor engineer, so I'm also designing them not to be crazy "Run this at 50% duty cycle to make sure it gets through a cycle". Any Mark I's are modeled to not build heat, and Mark II's are modeled for very limited heat build, unless otherwise noted. Feel free to set up sufficient storage, and then let them run while you're out mining. I do recommend hooking up a redstone lever so that you can cut them off when your storage gets close to full. Reactors that have been cut off don't waste fuel, and allow cooling for Mark II's (so you can start a new cycle sooner).


    No additional chambers needed, only limited water blanket required (bottom 9 blocks flooded with water should do it if most nearby cells are air, 12 blocks water total and everything else can be filled in). Only 20 EU/t, but good for a starter reactor or a small industrial complex. Can directly power a batbox, so good for low end machines without needing a transformer.

    Mark I-OC v2

    Next step up of first reactor, needs full water containment, but only 2 reactor chambers. Make sure you cable off of a chamber. Vertically flipped copy of Kuu's "The Harmony of Elements", but it's an independently evolved design. Seems like it's the only way to fit a 2.33 efficiency design into a 2 chamber reactor. 35 EU/t, so it is a MV design.


    Will run full cycle at 3.0 efficiency and 60EU/t. Main drawback is the need for a cooldown cycle after every run, but allows very good efficiency while still only needing 5 chambers. Only real need for this reactor is to maximize EU yields. I am investigating the use of the reactor post-cycle as a breeder system.

    The reactor's HP(max heat it can take) is 10000 + (1000 * # of chambers) + (100 * # of plating)

    All effects happen more often as the heat increases once their threshold is reached.

    85% - Lava/fire spawn
    70% - Hurting nearby entities(player included)
    50% - Water evaporation
    40% - Wood, Leaves, and wool spontaneous combustion

    Plating also helps mitigate explosions, but not by much. You'd need 5 platings to cancel out the effects of one uranium core.

    Is there anyway to make it so that extra power being put into the energy grid could get redirected to another grid? My problem is that I don't want to have 2 seperate grids in order to run my mass fabricator full out, I want it to run with the excess power from my main grid. I was thinking the electrolyzer could siphon extra power from my end MFSU, and then I could buildcraft pipe it to a second MFSU running my mass fab, but the electrolyzer is way too slow to consider for that. Only other thing I can think of is to have a duty cycle on my mass fab, but that's not a very good idea IMHO. Any one have any ideas?

    Just set it up so that the pumping from the overflow chest goes through a redstone pipe(addon to buildcraft) Same basic idea, but i think the blackhole band has much better grab range then the obsidian pipe. Also, i'd set the overflow chest to just redirect back to the reactor, i.e. through an iron pipe. That would increase the total ice/second, allowing you to run longer if you do setup an overflow triggered cycle system. I'd have done it to mine, but i tried to extend the cycle to long with my timer, and the reactor went critical. Big enough boom to kill me, and hit my 3 reactors running in my underground base. Only thing left was a MASSIVE hole in the ground.

    Can't really make it go any faster, it tries to do 100 'ticks' per second, but it's limited by your browser. Still manages about 20~30 times minecraft speed(on my system, in chrome), which means a full cycle in about 8~9 minutes.

    Bear in mind that the only other reactor planner available has some serious flaws in it's simulation, and has one of my MarkI's blowing up partway into the first cycle. It doesn't do that in minecraft, or in my app, and my app does a much more realistic simulation of other reactors, f.e. Kuu's MarkI earlier in this thread does model as a MarkI in it, but has wildly flickering temp on 2 of the cells that don't actually heat up in minecraft or my app.

    I am going to work on a compiled language version of mine, so that would solve speed issues, but it's not very high priority for me.

    Yeah, cooling components(plating, coolant cells, and IHDs) show heat on the "damage" bar. Uranium cells show usage, and Isotope cells show reenrichment status.
    Usually when testing, I have an unconnected IHD to allow me to see the reactor hull temp easier. Bear in mind that it won't keep up with the reactor hull if you start overheating quickly, it only matches at 25 heat a second. The whole "will only load one cell at a time" is why I designed my overflow activated cycle system. Once it's overflowing, you can be sure that there's lots of individual stacks of ice. It is a rather complex system though.

    Redirected the ice flow down to my reactor.

    Down down down

    Reinforced stone and glass shield.

    5 chamber reactor with ice feeder.

    MarkV-A reactor with ice buildup.

    Redpower logic duty cycle latch(set at 33%)

    Craploads of power

    Line running back up to surface...

    providing power for ice factory.

    Yay, closed loop ice system, All I have to do is swap out the uranium cells. Now to dig even deeper and set up a cobblestone recycling, mass fabricating, uranium cell factory.

    If only we had a system for the reactor chamber that would allow you to automatically swap in new uranium cells as they run out.