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    I moded the compressor to add a recipe that turns a bucket of water into a cube of ice, and then spits the bucket out the front.
    Started up minecraft, found it to worked, said "This is good".

    Then I decided to automate it with buildcraft.

    Nice little setup.

    Compressor spits the bucket at an obsidian pipe.

    pump collects water and sends it back.

    Works, but slowly. But something still doesn't feel right..... I know, it's not big enough!

    That's more like it!

    3 pumps filling buckets continuously.

    1 second sequencer to space the buckets of water out.

    Accelerated insertion pipes(to make sure every bucket is accepted)

    Bucket recollection points.

    Empty bucket distributor.

    Ice collection pipe.

    Ice storage. (still have to build reactor)

    Total ice? 1 block per second.
    Enough to run a 320EU/t MarkV-A at a 33% duty cycle(584 heat buildup a second, 200 cooled a second by ice)

    Eh, I figured it out. Decompile and recompile were successful, so I'm working on the ice machine now. I'd say how to fix the MCP decompile, but I get the feeling that'd get me banned. :(

    I'd love to, and am planning on doing so, but MCP isn't decompileing ic2 correctly right now. Can't mod if it won't recompile, and I don't know enough java/what the authors were doing to fix the problem. One guy made a patch to allow decompileing, but i think the forum mods locked the download because it has some of their source in it.

    Overall view
    Redstone pipe with timed RS latch (redpower logic)

    Latch leads to reactor cutoff

    Ice insertion and overflow catching(bunch of obsidian pipes)

    Reactor core with inserted ice (only seems to fill top row). It's just completed a cooling cycle and is about to start up again.

    This is current reading from reactor start to next reactor start. Total power is 90~100 EU/t

    Before anyone asks, yes it is using TMI'd ice and components, but once I mod in an ice maker, I'm going to build a smaller scale one for real. It'll be great for high efficiency usage, not to mention that it's average power output is higher than any MarkI or MarkII that I've seen.

    I built an autostabilizing 300EU/t reactor using buildcraft. It pumps in ice, and catches excess. As long as excess is falling out, it triggers a redstone pipe that unlatches a timed latch that allows the reactor to run. Once the reactor starts melting more ice then I can supply, the redstone pipe stops triggering, which allows the latch to flip, and causes the reactor to shut down. Once it cools, the ice builds back up inside it, and starts falling out, and the whole process starts over again. It looks like, even after it's reduced duty cycle due to cooling, it's still making a cool 90~100EU/t at 3.75 efficiency, and it's completely self stable. All I need to do now is mod in a freezer, so I can make ice using the buildcraft bucket pump addon.

    Reactor I'm using: Ice Reactor

    Hey everyone,

    I tried the reactor planner app, and a lot of it's algorithms seemed wrong(my markII-6 modeled as a markII-1), so I decided to make my own. It's javascript based, so no download, though I recommend a browser with a good javascript engine(mostly any latest version browser). It has Uranium cells, cooling cells, plates, and IHDs. Very simplistic UI, can only do a single tick or complete the cycle, and need to refresh to reset. I am planning on adding reactor stats and better controls, as well as server based saving/loading, so stay tuned.

    Here's the planner

    The good news about it is that the modelling seems rather faithful to the ingame reactors, as my markII-6 models just right, with no overheating c-cells.

    Feedback is appreciated.

    I would assume so, otherwise there is little reason for the IHD to be able to move 25 heat a tick to the hull(6 a sec from all surrounding cells = 24 heat in/out, then put it into/pull it from the hull). Other thing i've noticed, the planner seems to think the U-cells will last 20X as long as they should... they should be dead in 10,000 reactor ticks(or seconds)

    I don't know if you already know this or not, but your IHD heat sharing algorithm is wrong. It seems to only move 6 heat total between the 4 surrounding cells, balancing like 2 heat here and 3 heat there. But I checked the source code for IC2, and it will move 6 heat into or out of each surrounding cell, independent of the other cells, so one IHD can suck up 24 heat a tick, and spit it to the hull, whereas in your model, it can only pull in 6 a tick. Turns one of my mark2 designs into a mark3/4 in the planner.