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    Bumping this up too to show that there's some long ass history here...This problem has been going on a while...

    Think you guys could actually fix it? This is due to the world loading in your code. Please check it. It should be listening for world loads not forcing it. AdvancedMachines4 orients fine, why can't yours? I just love how you guys are pointing the finger at other people all the time when its clearly your code thats the problem.

    What's happening is this:

    minecraft loads the world
    You guys do your machine orientation code
    Plugins run (some need to reload the world for their code to operate)
    You guys ignore that world load and your machines are misoriented in the downward position because your onLoad didn't execute again.

    What you should do:

    Minecraft loads the world
    You guys do your machine orientation code (Because you're listening for world loads)
    Plugins run and reload the world again
    You guys do your machine orientation code (Because you're still listening for world loads)

    It's clear you guys do your world load and then go about your business. You should be listening for world loads and not just execute your code when you feel like it. At any point minecraft loads the world or has to reload the world, you guys should do your code again. It's not JUST bukkit servers that have the problem as well. Its any server that requires a world load after mods have been loaded. Please fix your code.

    Actually I'm using the vanilla server jar with forge and mystcraft installed in the jar.

    Does it have multiworld capability? We figured this was the problem because it appears that IC2 is loading the world on it's own and then ignoring any other world load requests after the fact. IE when your mystcraft mod/plugin (whatever it is) runs.

    Do all machines spin even ones from advancedmachines4 by any chance? If you haven't tried this, do so and see if those machines orient properly. They should work fine if its the same issue I'm having.

    my money is on you guys use bukkit or tekkit and you have a multiworld plugin installed. Correct? Cuz that's why it's doing it. IC2 doesn't listen for world loads. For some reason it loads worlds and then the plugins reload it and then IC2 doesn't realize it needs to reload the textures. Its a problem with the IC2 code since nothing else does this. Try it yourself. Create an advancedMachine (T2 level machine) it will properly orient itself. The level 2 furnaces do not...why...because it's IC2. Disable the multiworld plugin you have and it will work. Or if you're like me, you have to live with it because you have to have the multiworld plugin installed because it makes life 100% times easier because you don't have to clog up your main world with stuff and you want your users to be able to have custom worlds or whatever base minecraft doesn't allow for. This is why we use mods and plugins. They keep saying "we don't support bukkit or tekkit" yet the mod is in tekkit by default.

    Eventually they'll fix IC2 so it won't try to load worlds or something so the multiworld plugin doesn't mess it up. In the meantime you'll have to live with it. Wire your machines so they work while facing down is how i've gotten around this.

    "We don't support Bukkit. We also don't support Tekkit since it's the same thing."

    Sorry for the bump on this, but the problem is not bukkit. It seems to lie in how IC2 handles world loading. You guys are doing it after plugins are loaded in bukkit. I don't suppose you guys could listen for world loads instead? It's ONLY happening with IC2 items and nothing else such as Advanced machines. They work fine, and all the other mods work fine, when the multiverse is loaded you guys over ride the world load and you need to not do that. Why are you guys even messing with world loads anyway just out of curiosity? Shouldn't that be handled by base minecraft?

    Again, sorry for the bump but I think you guys are being a bit harsh on this guy by saying "We don't support bukkit", it's not bukkit's fault it's failing. I worked extensively today with the multiverse guys and here's what they said:

    [13:18]<dumptruckman> it's because bukkit loads the worlds itself, and after that point, ic2 applies all it's data to the worlds loaded
    [13:19] <dumptruckman> then multiverse reloads those default worlds
    [13:19] <dumptruckman> but ic2 doesn't register that
    [13:25] <dumptruckman> basically, any worlds loaded after bukkit loads the default worlds will not have all the ic2 data applied to them
    [13:25] <dumptruckman> so they need to listen for worlds to be loaded/created
    [13:25] <dumptruckman> and apply the data THEN
    [13:25] <dumptruckman> instead of at an arbitrary point

    Seems to me that since no other mods have this issue I don't understand why your stuff does. Can you not do as he suggests here for some specific reason? I'd like to chat with you guys further if you have an IRC chatroom. Let me know when and where. Thanks.