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    Hi, i need help with the MFFS force power gen. has everything in it but it does not have the link card slot to put it in..i used Beta5 and Beta5rev1 but i still can't get the linkcard slot working..i really would love to use this mod, looks very very's a picture of it to. Thank you

    see the Change Histoy: BETA5

    <remove> Gui coding slot in Generator and SecurityStation.
    <add> use MFFS Card <blank> on Generator/SecurityStation to get MFFS Card <Power Link> / MFFS Card <Security Station Link>

    you found more info in the first post (here )

    So I just downloaded and installed the addon and after setting up my MFFS generator, I found that there isn't a link card slot on it. Anyone else experienced this?

    <remove> Gui coding slot in Generator and SecurityStation.

    <add> use MFFS Card <blank> on Generator/SecurityStation to get MFFS Card <Power Link> / MFFS Card <Security Station Link>

    you found more info in the first post (here )

    see the Change Histoy: BETA5

    I have a forcefield that won't disappear. I've destroyed the generator and tried every block breaking device from every mod I have installed, and it won't go away. Can anyone please help me?

    You need close the game and open again (this a issue pre4beta )

    Right, when I put the MFFS Generator Injektor into the MFFS Force Power Gen., nothing happens. It doesn't get any power from the attached MFSU. Must have something to do with my mods :-/

    turn on the force power generator :D

    Does anybody know how to install this mod. i don't have a clue please help thanks.

    paso 1/ step one

    para abri tu carpeta de .minecraft /To open your .minecraft folder:

    In Windows 7: C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft

    In Windows Vista/XP: C:\Documents and Settings\*your user name*\Application Data\.minecraft

    Linux: /home/Your User Name/.minecraft (CTRL+H if you dont see the folder)

    in the .minecraft folder you see other folder inside with the name mods

    you Drag and drop the for example inside mods folder and run the game :)


    i do some test with the projector strength modulator and synchorn capacitor, when you placed certain number of this (strength modulator) in the appropriate slot and use a synchorn give some message of warning (field to strong >= 5 blocks) this is normal, the problem is when you remove the strength modulator and turn on the projector the syncrorn display a message ( field to strong >= 5 blocks ) you dont a cross the force field you relogin the problems persists, need to put more distance modulator in the projector for a cross the force field or less for working, is weird issue (changes with each attempt) tested in ( beta 3 and beta4pre2)

    little video to try explain weird issue

    testing of Forcefield jammer upgrade (only is accepted by modulator sphere ) , i thing the modulator cube would have to operate with this upgrade but this is rejected
    i do some test and the result is fine when the jammer is activated and other force field (other user ) touch your force field, the force field to the other user is destroyed and the project that disabled with smoke and drop the modules, the priority is given to first activate a force field the other activate after is destroyed.

    little bad news when the other user have a cutter upgrade install, before the force field is destroyed have some destruction in your force field, in the worst case the force with the cutter upgrade can destroy the other project and the same time is jammer,

    video for the issue (cutter upgrade)

    the other, thing whe you configure the projector with strength modulator the item inside this force block can't be destroyed by the other force field with the cutter upgrade, i do some example with array of generator inside a force field with strength modulator,

    video of the example

    the edges of force field (all configuration and modules ) destroy the liquid (tested in all version ) i think this issue is not big deal but is you make pool you do can't swim :P


    i tested the beta4pre

    this is the results (all work fine with the block cutter upgrade) , the wall and deflector same way and default force field (does what it is to do), and do some tests with the force field vs force field cutter mode work great dont destroy the other force field, one thing is a griefing issue, when the force field with the cuter mode touch one item inside the othe force field this is distroyed and appear in the chest (maxss explain this issue) and you working a new machine and upgrade for prevent that)

    modulator deflector : accept distance modulator and reject streng modulador gui is wrong

    modulator tube : accept both the gui is wrong

    little suggestion :

    subwater upgrade, make this dont destroy oil

    other thing

    all news are not good

    this version have crash with secure station

    this the config the secure station

    and defence station

    this video make some demostration of the crash (previously configure all, and use magic launcher for generate a random user )


    crash log



    i do the test with beta3 and beta4pre

    the beta3 secure station work fine i do the same thing explain above, see next imagen


    this little video how make a gravity portal (portal gun mod) for testing some crash in the force field

    when one of portal is placed in the moon and other is places in a iregular field, the second attracts all material in to inside, except (Bedrock and liquid) is you are attracts to him unto the center, you die in normal mode ( you dont die in the creative mode)

    Gravity portal

    i placed the gravity portal near to the wall of force field and wait a few minutes, the portal take a massive block of force field to inside when pass more time the game made slow, when you change the portal to other location ( you need 1, 2 or 10 attempts are made near to the wall and before placed portal far to the walls) the game crashes, you enter again you see leaft, sapling and unnamed block (force block) near the spot where was placed the gravity portal (i do some testing and drops change, more unnamed block or leaf or few of both)

    i make the test in beta3 and beta4pre

    the demostration of the crash

    this crash log is to long for paste in the spoiler :Nuke TNT:


    what do you thing about this issue ? it identical (crash log) to this post

    i make some test with the block cutter upgrade

    i put some ores in the border of force field

    next active the force field with upgrade (block cutter upgrade)

    test world (see the minimap) :D

    almost all item in (vanilla) are destroyed
    tables work and enchanted
    musical box
    doors (all)
    pressure plate
    and more

    except (chest, lamps of red stone , dragon egg)

    @Thunderdark : you do something for the force field dont destroyed the rails

    thank you for this great addon :thumbup:

    sorry for me english MinecraftCreeper

    i discover a new bug, when you place an force field on the bedrock you logout an enter a again the modular force field drops frenquency card ( in blank) is the force field are active you dont scape fron this (false force field indestructible) , you dont destroy them in creative mode ( you need a synchron capacitor for scape), and other bug is you place other modular force field he drops frequency card ( in blank) when you disconnect an enter a again when the force field on the bedrock is active

    this video explain better this 2 bug

    force field near to bedrock bug

    tested in modular force field beta 3 and 2


    i test beta 3B i found little bug (force power gen ) the tag of linked divice dont detect the device connected more than 10 block of distance from the power gen, the problem of the distance dont fixed with this version

    the beta 3 is working fine, detect all device connected approximate distance a radius 120m (force power gen) and projector (dont drops the card) if you pass these range and you disconnet you know what happend

    the max distance is 152 configured in the force gen with upgrade are detecte, but the projector ( drops the card)

    i make the same thing using beta3 and beta3B

    i continue testing other thing with edge of force field (probably a little bug)


    good news i found some solution put a world anchor (activated) (railcraft chunk loader) near to force power gen the new limit is basically the limit is the transmit range
    configure in the (force power gen) 152 is the max :D

    tested in beta3B and beta3


    1) when you placed track (railcraft) the edge of the force field ( when is activated), the track is destroyed ( in the certain ocation the track dont be destroyed an you pass the force field with mine card

    2)when placed red wire all color in the edge or bundle cable or blue alloy wire or covers ( redpower2), this is make a hole in the wall of force field ( you can pass using other mods) (smart moving)

    2.1 ( the other cable jacketed , logic door and other item are placed correctly )

    3) when you placed a circuit using a wire (all color) in a stone, the force field cut the signal not destroy the cable when the force field is shut donw the circuit reconnect automatically

    4)the circuit of original red stone and torch of red is destroyed when placed in borde of the force field

    5) when you placed a door open the wall of force field


    i test the other mod tubes an more and work fine dont have problem in the edge of force field

    i put 3 world anchor, 2 are references for see when are activated , only need one near to the force power gen (see Edit_2)

    for better explanation see the next video

    The video MinecraftCreeper

    first sorry for me english ;(

    this bug is happend when attached the support frames on top of the force field

    now show the setting the machines of the force field

    the force field working normally (dome upgrade)

    now using synchron capacitor

    now connect the support frame top of the force field dome

    immediatly turn on the frame motor to down the frames and on the top of the frame have taken a one block of force field

    now i try click to pass the block using a synchron ...... the game crashes and not show any log of error (using normal launcher)

    immediatly login for see what happen and discovery this ( the pj is in middle of 2 force field, i scape destroying the false force field

    i turn off the force field and the false force field stay here dont go, when you touch with a click ( using a synchron) the game crashes again

    you see the false force field have a irregular border

    now i using the last magic launcher for see the log of the crash an see that


    thank for all