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    Use either a computercraft or RP2 computer to monitor the time in ticks that the redstone current from a detector cable is active (check for redstone each tick, then add one to a variable) and then multiply the variable by your eu/t on the cable, then it's a simple matter of calling that multiplied variable to the screen.

    I have a RP2 Computercraft ace on my server and he has tried that so many time and it does not work....

    How are the users consuming power? Are you looking for an overall statistic of how much power is produced and used across the server? Or are the users using power from a public power plant or something similar and you need to know how much they use?

    I want a single block that measures the power rating and the power consumption of a user. I have a big nuclear power facility and people need to get power from that. And a gui to read all of this info

    EU/T rate: i.e. 32 eu/t
    EU/T usage:
    and a reset button for the owner

    I run a small humble server and need an add-on of some sort to meter power consumption of the players of said server. One of my Co-Admins has tried using various mods to somehow meter the EU's, but to no avail, Due to the way all of the other mods work, there is no way currently to monitor real-time usage of power. if someone could help me out, I'd appreciate it a lot.
    Thanks from the Humble Pimp