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    So i have read alot of the info on forums but so much info so many ppl saying different things.

    I want to build A 2000 + EU/t Reactor Cost is not A issue.

    GT is installed.

    We have over 600 Iridium Bars, 10x industrial centrifuge running lava non-stop 3000+ Copper/tin.
    I have 10 sets of Radioactive Bee & Lapis Bees (both with full upgrades) on auto loops can add more easy 12k Lapis and 1000+ Uranium.
    Cost should not be A issue.

    I want too pump all EU str8 into the matter fab.
    Also have the ractor room setup with reinforced stone and MFFS reactor force field.

    Just need good plan.

    What I am lacking is UU / Chrome .. so I have too bring everything down too HV too run cable.

    Thx for any help

    it poped up between a 3x way of Coco, Neatherwart and stickreed ...

    EDIT: Just read last bit on there. I would say it probably just takes a while. I remember when I started trying crops out I couldn't get much of anything to grow, and the damn trampling got some of the ones I did get.

    but .. 30+ hours of crops only .. and none ??? If this were a real game I could not do just 30 hours of crops ... i would have too mine and do other stuff ... weeds would of killed it.

    I am doing something wrong or its broke ..

    I am not joking when I say I have 30+ hours of tending too crops ... it was fun at first .. now i am ready to brake my keyborder every time something grows and its not the Ferru.

    Lets not beat around the bush (pun intended)
    Ok .. so in waiting for the sever I want too play on too open (1 week away now). The sever will have no EE so these Crops will be helpful later on when matts start too gain value. I have spent Well over 30+ hours on Crops alone (disabled so all I do is play games).

    I Have read / watched everything thier is on crops .. but I can not for the life of my get Ferru, knowing that Iron will be a big part of A non EE sever, that is the plant I most want ... but it wont show up for me.

    This is what I have done Have a Farm land with 3x dirt under it .. it is in swamp, their is one on swamp lvl and about 25x blocks higer then it . Also have A bunch of Crops in grasslands.

    All of my Crops are 9x9 with 1x farmland and 3x dirt under all have water cell and crop-matron(stocked).

    I have tryed (still tying) Reed/melon , stickyreed/stickyreed, all the flowers, Coco/stickyreed, ect ect .. every combo I have... I have tryed on a HUGE scale.

    I have
    Reed,Wheat,pumpkin,melon,rose,dandelion,Cyazint,Venomilla,Cocoa,Coffie,stickyreed,Blackthorn, & red and blue mushrooms.
    I have well over Six 9x9 plots running all combos and I am not getting it.

    Read that I need Iron ore under it for it last stages .. even have a few with iron under the farmland now but keep gett the same old same old .. just grows really slow.

    They only thing I can think of is .. I am not in development build... going to try that now ..

    Also, anyone got pics of it with spahx installed ?

    thank you