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    You already have a more violent/hayoish alternative to Interdiction Torches - Tesla Coilz ;)

    On a practical level, why should a luminator have repellent properties? I could imagine maybe something incorporating a note block + technical shizzle wizzle in order to repel mobs with super-high-pitch sound, but the luminator is a glorified torch

    obviously, there would be special cases in which the machine has a 0% chance to save resources
    in addition, the machine could be made to require different amounts of energy and time for harder crafts like mfsu's and quantum armor


    My idea was the closer to raw/common, the easier it is to save on materials. Machine blocks? No sweat. Advanced machine blocks? You might save on a carbon plate here and there. MFSU? A bit too complex (although I like the idea of different energy levels)

    Can manufactorum craft titans?

    Nope, because that would be Heresy.

    So manufawatchmacallit = Mass Fabricator?

    After all you just feed energy to the mass fabricator to create UU Matter to create a whole sort of materials that you can use to create whatever you can create in a craft table.

    They way i see it, your manushit its just a poor man Mass Fabricator that its actually better than the mass fabricator itself. No thank you.

    Manushit? DOOOOH-HO-HO-HO, comedy genius right here!

    IC2 isn't a "Automation" mod (Despite what morons thinks, IC2 its a tech mod) , so forget it.


    Second the name sounds kinda stupid so thats an extra no for me.

    lol, k

    And finally third, you talk too much without actually talking, since after reading a few times i still don't get whats the joke of the machine and how will it work.

    Perhaps you type too much without reading? You put in a certain amount of resources (less than you'd normally need to craft the item), and at the cost of energy, it spits out the crafted item. Take an electronic circuit, for example. Steve, on his own, bashing his blocky little hands against a Crafting Bench, is probably not the most efficient circuit maker. A single-purpose machine would probably do the job with less waste, allowing less resources to be used. End of story, point à la ligne.

    Rationale: As industry chugs forward, it becomes more and more efficient with new innovations. The difference between your first Machine Block and one made by a Macerator>Electric Furnacex2>AutoCrafter chain is a trade-off between increased efficiency (less time+materials) and initial investment. The Manufactorum is just that: at the cost of additional time, energy and resources, the crafting process makes another leap in efficiency.

    The Block:
    The Manufactorum has the following recipe:

    :Refined Iron: :Bronze Shovel: :Refined Iron:
    :Rubber Trampoline: :Rubber Trampoline: :Rubber Trampoline:
    :Electronic Circuit: :Advanced Machine: :Electronic Circuit:

    Where :Bronze Shovel: is a piston and :Advanced Machine: is a Machine Block

    The basic operation of the Manufactorum is as follows: for 10 seconds at 16eu/t (3200eu per operation), the Manufactorum will output one crafted good. The bad news is that the type of item to be produced requires a Template Chip (discussed below), and the Manufactorum can only handle a single Chip at a time. The good news is that the Manufactorum will craft the item with less materials.

    The end result is that, for a modest investment of materials and energy, you can create an automated chain which (roughly) doubles your output. Pretty Hayoish if you ask me.

    The Template Chip:
    In order to produce the required good, Steve has to program in the right requirements. By simply crafting together the desired good and an electronic circuit, Steve will produce a Template Chip which uses up the circuit but leaves behind the item. If, for some reason, you don't want your Stick Template Chip anymore, simply place it in a crafting bench to wipe the memory and receive a regular circuit again.

    A few notes:

    1. I guess it makes sense that this should be a coolant for Buildcraft engines, but I don't see it as a useful mechanic at all. Water is about the easiest resource to obtain, and with a dedicated pump (or, even simpler, the Aqueous Accumulator from Thermal Expansion) there really is zero need to make this a coolant for engines. If it produced an efficiency boost or something, that would be different, but I see few plausible ways this can be implemented without it being a redundant feature.

    2. There are already Buildcraft and Industrialcraft addons that touch on the subject of fusion. This is a crowded field which is already kind of redundant given that an efficient nuclear reactor already produces endgame level power.

    3. While MOAR LAZORS is always a sound policy, there are already BC Quarries, RP Frame+BlockBreaker combos, CC turtles, Railcraft Tunnel Bores and IC Miners which automate the mining process. I don't think that calling other autominers "inefficient" is the best way to justify why your suggestion is better (I will repeat that I am already well aware of the awesomeness of having lasers do everything)

    4. Fire extinguishers? How often do you have random blazes that can't just be punched out?

    5. If your mod is already compatible with BC pipes, then why implement a chemical vat? Just use tanks.

    Of course he forgot, that the Gibbl goes down and not up. But since Gibbl is a Pressureunit, it can also measure Vacuum, and the Treetaps are using the Overpressure of the inserted Component/Rubbertree to suck it up. An internal Vacuum would help the Extractor very much at extracting.

    And if the Wiki is wrong, then i dont know, how much Gibble a Compressor has.

    Oh no, I've fudged up the fictional units D:

    Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa

    So its a Bronzeingot with a Detectivehat? Oh moment that was Agent P.!, or was that Perry Platipus?

    Well, i like the style of your Suggestion, so keep up the good work.

    What's that you say? ;) Also, thanks!

    I like that you took the time to create images for your suggested items, but what use would this have? Mass deforestation is all that I can think of and so what would stop the use of this in griefing?

    The main practical application I had in mind was base-building. Sometimes I find really nice flat land for a new death-fortress covered in trees, long grass, etc. and just don't want to bother clearing it out. Could also help with Wasteland-style aesthetics (I remember the Rocket Science mod's thermonuke would, after a certain radius, just kill trees and grass - the end result was spectacular). Lastly, this might (at a future point) add a little depth to the Industrial Conflict update - as I see it, jungle warfare could get a lot more dangerous with defoliants.

    Not to mention killing plants in style. Groovy :thumbup:

    Griefing could become an issue, but it has very limited application. Since organic material is basically the most abundant thing in Minecraft, I don't see this as a really big issue. Perhaps there could be a config option for admins to set the rate of re-growth of plant life in affected areas?

    TL;DR Version for the impatient: mix together Plant Auxin (Extract a plantball), Grin Powder and Bronze Dust to get Agent Bronze. Can be manually applied (25 uses), sprayed (mix with water cell, lasts longer and behaves similar to spray foam), or put into a defoliant bomb (TNT with Agent Bronze in the corners, Gunpowder in the middle). All plants (crops, grass, long grass, flowers, trees, etc.) quickly wither, and plants have a much harder time spreading to affected areas.

    Hello Sir/Madam/Pigman. Is the area around your industrial base cluttered with inconvenient trees, ugly flowers and useless crops? Do you often experience seizures related to contemplating the serene beauty of lush, grassy plains? Have you ever wanted to reenact the horrors of Operation Ranch Hand in your very own backyard?


    We here at CreeperCo Inc. are pleased to present the solution for all your herbicidal fantasies, Agent Bronze. Simply set your Dejuicer-Device of Doom - D123 to the "Don't touch this button!" setting, let the Gibbl build up, and insert a regular old Plantball to receive some fancy-schmancy Plant Auxin. Mix the auxin thoroughly with our patented Grin Powder, and add a little bronze dust for a healthy orange glow!

    How you apply Agent Bronze is up to YOU!

    1. Manual Application: Agent Bronze is ready to use out of the box (or, rather, in your hand). Simply sprinkle it on any plant-based entity and watch it shrivel and die! Don't forget, Agent Bronze is quite powerful - you shouldn't expect anything to grow there for a long time. Maximum 25 uses per unit of powder.
    2. Spray the Plants Away: Agent Bronze can be mixed with a household water cell and loaded up into any compatible sprayer pack (sold separately). This will leave a residual foam that eats away at anything touching it and dissipates in a matter of seconds. The resulting smell of lemon and sulfur is completely natural - it's the smell of SCIENCE. Oh yeah, did we mention it lasts longer than in dust form? Hayo!
    3. Big-Bada-Boom!: No time to spray the lawn or play in the dirt? Just adjust our trusty TNT recipe to accommodate Agent Bronze and you'll have a low-yield explosion that results in maximum-yield plant death! It's a little more expensive, but that's to be expected when you're looking for INSTANT SATISFACTION.