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    like GT made it a bit useless ... (even though it's cheaper and more
    powerful). Btw, due to recent BC overhaul, it seems this addon is kind
    of OP now ...

    Not everyone uses GT though, I've not been too
    keen on it since Greg made the IC2 tool recipe changes for Titanium
    mandatory even with easymode configs. That being said, what in the new BC update makes this OP, just out of curiosity? I still am waiting for 1.6 before trying out modded Minecraft again and I haven't played since 1.4.7.

    download :Wrench: src
    No changes were made... yet. I think I can do something good with it. Objections? Suggestions?

    Awesome stuff, thank you! What ideas did you have for it?

    Editing this post to say I'm just gonna end up going with the new Emerald Pipes that buildcraft introduced, which act like wooden pipes but let you filter what you extract, since Redpower filters seem to refuse to pull any items out of slow grinders for some reason. Thanks for putting up with my derp attacks, everyone. :wacko:

    I'm grateful for the explosive machines fix. I'm glad it was only a bug, and I apologize for my angry tone in the previous post. The blast had destroyed 2 ultimate hybrid solar panels, which take 16 iridium plates each to craft, and I was a bit miffed at how many hours mass fabricating and diamonds I lost when the panels were destroyed. I've since rebuilt my house, and I figured if it was a glitch that destroyed my panels, there was no harm in using NEI to cheat them back in.

    That being said, I've discovered another issue with the slow grinder. This one isn't nearly as bad though, just a minor gripe.

    I've made a scrap processing plant to pipe scrap boxes into my massfab. Here are a few links to screenshots of how it works using slow grinders and buildcraft pipes.

    -Screenshot 1
    Here you can see there's three igneous extruders from Thermal Expansion piping cobble into the Slow Grinders. Each slow grinder outputs to the buildcraft wooden pipes, and the pumps are attached to the underside, wired to all turn on and off together with Redpower wiring. Offscreen there is an autocrafting table to turn the scrap into scrap boxes.

    -Screenshot 2
    This is a bit of an overview shot, you can see the pipe on top which carries the scrap boxes to the Massfab, and the crystal chest that holds all the output UU Matter. Also notice the diamond pipe and void pipe. The diamond pipe is set to sort the cobble out of the scrap and send the cobble into the void pipe for deletion. This is my stopgap measure to the problem.

    You see, as the redstone engines heat up to their maximum speed, they outpace the slow grinders, even if the slow grinders are on MAXIMUM speed. And the error is that the wooden pipes yank the cobblestone out of the slow grinder's input slot instead of only pulling from the output slot as intended. You can see that my wooden pipes are specifically on the right side of the grinders, which correlates to the output, but my pipes are still pulling cobblestone out of the input slot once the engines reach max speed. This points toward an error in how the slow grinder's sides were programmed.

    -Screenshot 3
    Here you can see the problem beginning to crop up now that the engines are hot, the cobble is starting to come out of grinder #3.

    -Screenshot 4
    Here's the problem in full swing. No more scrap is being made at all, the cobblestone is passing right through the grinders without being processed at all and going right into the void pipe for deletion.

    Thankfully, the wooden pipes are smart enough to pull scrap out of the grinder's extra output slots. So if I let them build up four stacks of scrap before turning on the engines, it gives me more time. But eventually, the engines eat through the buffer, exhaust all the scrap, and start yanking the cobblestone out of the input slot.

    Is this intended behavior, or a glitch? Any suggestions from people in the thread how to get around the issue?

    Ok, so I love the concepts in this mod, and for the most part, I loved the execution. But I have a very minor gripe. I really wonder if it's necessary to have the Slow Grinder explode with the force of 10 TNT when you overload it with too much EU? Most IC2 machines only blow up with a couple blocks radius, but when I put 512 EU/t into a Slow Grinder, this happened:

    What the hell gives, Fallen? I can see wanting to punish someone for being careless with electricity but I might not have even used your stuff if I had known I was putting a mini-nuke into my house.

    Heh, I noticed the bug also applies to nano armor too, the barbed wire seems to just ignore the armor entirely.

    I also have a very very minor critique here. Nothing big, just a little point. When I first started using the mod, I got confused when you said it took Wire Cutters to remove fencing. I was using NEI (on recipe mode only, for no cheating) and I kept using its search for "Wire Cutters" for awhile and not finding anything. I didn't realize you had meant the regular IC2 insulation cutters. :Cutter:

    It might be a good idea to maybe mention that in the original post somewhere, even if it's just in spoilers?

    Also, great mod! I love using barbed wire to stop spiders from climbing into my base! :thumbup:

    I'm more worried about the effects of 1.5 on Eloraam's Redpower than IC2, to be honest. Alblaka and the team are good about updating, but after Elo's track record I wouldn't be surprised if the Redstone update caused Redpower to take 8 months or more to update.

    Awesome, thank you so much! I'll be ready for my next world once all these mods update! :thumbup:

    Is there a tutorial for how to disable the generation of specific ores in these various mods? Is it in a config file somewhere? I hope this is not too annoying but I'd like a newbie friendly explanation for it, since I only want IC2 copper and tin when all the various 1.3 updates are done, and I know I'll be using IC2, RP2, forestry, and Railcraft.

    Physical size was one of my Problems, so i ordered a smaller Design from him via PM.

    His compact Design fits perfectly in one Chunk, what is needed for the GregTower 2, which is in exactly one Chunk (+18x18 Outer Wall in the surrounding Chunks).

    Nice. I bet there was an added upside in that you could keep building it higher too, since all you need to do is add obstruction blocks to the highest portions so that power output never goes high enough to break the mills. You could probably milk tons of EU effectively out of just one chunk this way by stacking these towers on top of each other.

    Been using this addon for a few days now and I gotta say I'm loving it so far. I definitely like it better than the other energy converter mods, especially since it doesn't nerf the hell out of redstone engine energy production. A competing addon which I shall not name made it so redstone engines couldn't even send energy to buildcraft pumps when I used it, let alone convert energy from redstone engines. This addon caused no such problem.

    I highly recommend this addon.

    Oh wow! I gotta admit, I'm impressed that you'd go to this length to help people.

    I definitely don't need anything as big as your 10,000 EU/T array. My cobblestone factory only draws about 1300 EU/t when running with all 5 production lines at once, and the cactus farm only uses at least 700 EU/t on its maximum too. I'd say, at most, to power all my factories, my base, and a potential future Mass Fab Array, I should only need about 6500 EU/t total production, and that's an upper end guesstimate. Physical size of the farm itself should not be a problem since I'm going to recreate this waaaay out in the distance out of view from the city anyway.


    (thanks for reading my tutorial ^^, if you wan't one specific design i can make as large as you want in a SSP map and send it to you through PM.)

    Heh, I started reading the electrical engineering board only a few moments after posting my questions, then immediately felt like an idiot for getting so confused about the cable packets. Thanks for clarifying here anyway, you were very polite and clear in your explanation. I understand everything now, and the offer for the PMed map is above and beyond. I'll say that I would definitely appreciate that, but no rush. If you're busy with things I will say to make such a thing as a lower priority, but I will happily take a peek at it if you do send it.

    I always do individual small plants. My initial home base was powered by 8 geothermal plants, and I had a huge basement filled with Buildcraft lava tanks to store all the lava I needed. Now that I'm building multiple factory facilities, I'm giving them each their own solar arrays, which can power them fairly well for many Minecraft days.

    In the future, I plan to make a fun little emergency backup system in a central location under my city and hook it up to all the buildings. That way they can run on their own until their stores from solar run out, then draw from the backup grid. Heck, I might even make it so that the overflow from the solars can flow back into the backup MFSU systems to recharge them so that the only time I need to run a reactor would be during extended emergencies when solar and stored extra both fail.

    If you have any question, ask it in this post , i will reply as soon as i can.

    This is pretty awesome stuff. I do have a few questions for you however. Forgive me if these are stupid questions, as most of my IC2 knowledge comes from the wiki and not experience, since I'm still getting into the mod.

    First of all, how come your cables aren't melting? I was under the impression that Glass Fiber cables could only carry a maximum of 512 EU/t, but here you have one carrying over 10,000 EU/t! Same thing with the tin cables, how can they carry all that EU from so many combined wind mills without melting?

    Why are there intentional obstruction blocks all over the wind mills? Is that to intentionally lower their effective height to prevent the mills from breaking? I'm terrible at math so I got the general impression this was the reason, even though the numbers made my head spin.

    Where do you get all the iron for these massive farms? Even with macerator doubling, I usually find 3 to 5 times more copper and tin than iron and therefore iron is always in short supply for me.

    Still, awesome tutorial nonetheless. I will probably try building one of these tower farms eventually.

    That'd be a question for SpwnX, i'm the nut that uses ice CASUCs as base power. :)

    Ahh, my bad. Still, good idea for the transmittal via the cables. I do also plan to make an ice CASUC eventually, just for the challenge and being able to say I did it. Do you have any screenshots of your designs posted around here for me to study?

    I suppose one wind tower is enough for most workshops. (Mine uses fully OC machines so one is not enough for me).

    Detailed info: check my Wind engineering tutorial
    I'm adding a lazy-proof wind tutorial (but it won't explain mechanics so you gotta trust me ^^)

    Ahh, thank you! That is some useful stuff. A little bit of it is still confusing to me since I'm relatively new to IC2, but I'll ask my questions on that thread so I don't clutter up this one any further.

    #2 would be HV transformers every 39 blocks with glass fiber cables. More expensive but lossless.

    Oh wow, I never thought about using transformers to reset loss distance. That's ingenious!

    I still am going to have to grind a ton of coal to make enough diamonds for all that fiber cable though.

    Out of curiosity, how many windmills do you use in a cluster to get a sufficiently large amount of power, considering their variability in production? Got any screen shots of how you designed your wind farm?

    I suggest you to use wind power for mass fabrication ^^ [It isn't harder than nuclear in my opinion and lasts forever]

    It has occurred to me, though I want to keep the sky immediately around my small city unobstructed. For wind power I'd have to build the towers pretty distant, and then take the EU hit that comes from transmitting power through cable over long distances. That seems impractical considering Windmills produce at the very maximum only 4EU/t each according to the wiki and have high variation in their production. Seems I'd lose most of it even if I had enough diamonds to use all glass fiber cable since I'd be putting the towers outside of far render distance