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    Try to take a clean minecraft.jar (it should contain all required classes) and install forge and jar mods again. Probably you deleted it at some point.

    Hey! There we go! That fixed it. I should have thought of that. I did delete it but I have no idea how. :whistling: Anyway thanks for the help! :thumbsup: (As you can tell I really love the smileys on this forum)

    Please give me your crash log. I really want to understand what can cause to crash in my addon.

    I think it is the last error that does it. EnderStorage works perfectly well along with ExtraBiomes when I don't have Nuclear Control installed.

    block id 192
    item id 31000-31008
    Sample config:

    Yup... I've fiddled around with it and I'm pretty sure it's something with the sounds. I don't know why but sounds just break stuff on my minecraft client when I don't disable it. Just maybe put it on your list that if you ever have some free time to maybe add an EnableSounds = TRUE ; on your config. Thanks for the help man, but I guess I'll just have to make my reactor run on a redstone timer or something. :S

    Okay. Still not working out :/ Since I cannot access the IC2NuclearControl.cfg file I was wondering if you could give me a quick list of the block ids used in it so that I can check all of my other mods for conflicts manually. Thanks Shedar for your superior mod support. I really appreciate it :) :D

    Love the mod and I'm planning on running an unstable Mark III reactor so I'm anticipating really needing this mod :thumbup: Having a little trouble with installation. I need to disable ic2 sounds on my mac for ic2 to work, and that is also the problem with this mod. But my IC2_control.cfg config file is generating empty so I cannot do anything about that :( Any recomendations? ( I can't really get you an error log because my minecraft launcher freezes on the white Mojang screen ) ;(